Last updated 17 June 2015.

As Drupal is such a cool project lots and lots of people want to contribute to it. We need your help to manage the flood of applications, so we created the "Review Bonus" system. This system rewards people who are willing to help out with a bonus in the form of a prioritised application queue.

This will speed up your own project through the review process and you will learn a lot. The hope is that you will continue your involvement thereafter.

How it Works

In order to join the Review Bonus system, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Do at least 3 manual reviews of separate project applications in the main issue queue. While not mandatory, there is a template that you can use to make sure you cover all of the necessary points in your review.
  2. Reference those 3 reviews in the issue summary of your own application issue. You can do this by editing the first post (the issue summary) of your project application issue. Then create a new section called "Manual reviews of other projects" and add the links to the exact review comment in the reviews you have done, e.g. like this one
  3. Then add the following tag to your application: PAReview: review bonus using the 'Issue Tags' field in the comment form for your application issue.

Once the above steps are completed, you have joined the prioritised 'Review Bonus” issue queue and your application will be reviewed in turn.

What Happens Next

Your project will be reviewed by anyone who has time and may be set back to “Needs Work” if it requires changes.

We will regularly check the PAReview: review bonus list and will provide feedback on your module in order to get it approved.

However, if your own project application issue is set back to “Needs Work” by reviewers, the 'PAReview: review bonus' tag will be removed and your project will drop back into the normal issue queue. This will only happen once, and is designed to encourage you to complete another 3 manual reviews of separate project applications.

Once you have completed another 3 reviews, you should follow the steps above, adding in the links to the second round of reviews, and add back the 'PAReview: review bonus' tag.

Once this is done, you will remain on the prioritised queue until your project application issue is finished.


To join the Review Bonus track, you are asked to complete a minimum of 3 manual reviews of other applications and a maximum of 6 to remain on that bonus track. You can of course complete all 6 reviews at the beginning if you want.

If you use the tools available to ensure that your project meets coding standards, you may only require the first phase (3 reviews) but for applications that require more attention by reviewers it was decided that a second phase of reviews is required if you want your issue revisited under the bonus system.

Examples of applications that successfully got a review bonus

How to Review Other Project Applications

As mentioned above, we are always running short on project application reviewers, so we need your help in manually reviewing other project applications. Whether joining the Review Bonus program or just getting involved, you can refer to the following guidance for reviewing other project applications.

  • Read How to review Full Project applications and subpages.
  • Read Writing secure code and subpages.
  • Learn from others how they did a review, checkout closed issues that lead to a project promotion.
  • You can use automated tools like for review but you must always do an additional manual review (reading through the source code) and comment on the code. Important: if you don't do a manual review of the code by yourself, you may lose the bonus.
  • Pick the oldest application from the review bonus list and get started! (If it is empty pick the oldest from the "needs review" list)
  • You can use the review template to ensure that you cover all of the necessary points.
  • When finishing your review comment also set the issue status either to "needs work" (you found some problems with the project) or "reviewed & tested by the community" (you found no major flaws).

Further useful resources

Thank you and welcome!