Hi all, I've been getting some weird 404 Page Not Found errors that I can't understand.

For example, Google Analytics is picking up a lot of entries in the style of:


I understand that the attribute 'from' represents the referrer. I've checked most of those referrer pages and they are working fine.

So the problem should probably be with the attribute 'page' which I don't understand what is represented by "/content/undefined" and how 'content undefined' is triggered.

Prior to the errors
1. I'm replacing image links on my website as my old image server gave up and I have to change to a new server and domain to host the images.
E.g. From www.example.com/picture.jpg to www.example22.com/picture.jpg

2. I've deleted a handful of pages and the 404 Page Not Found errors are picked up correctly by Google Analytics.

Anyone has any insight to what's happening?


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Hi parka
I've got the same problem since yesterday
Found no issue for the moment...
(Drupal 7.31, all modules are up to date)

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it's very odd! We are currently on Drupal 7.28 and are just about to update to 7.31.

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No error August 18, 2014 (=>google analytics capture)

31.5% 404 error August 19, 2014, with no updates done...

And 33.2% today...

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Hi goof71,

I'm also seeing the same results on my analytics report.
Even the Adsense stats are logging the increase pageviews due to the 404 errors.

Aug 18 - No errors
Aug 19 - 404 errors started logging
Aug 20 - 404 errors continues

I'm on Drupal 7.31 which was updated on Aug 13.

This is so strange!

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I made 7.30 => 7.31 update when the release was ready... around the 13rd maybe
Last update was "Voting API" last week
I've got a 2nd site (very few connections on it) on the same host (not all the same modules, but same Php/mysql version), with no 404 error...

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Do any of you use the "ShareThis" module by any chance? I think this has been causing the errors for me. I'm not 100% sure though but it appears to have stopped when I disabled the module.

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Yes, we have been using it and it appears to be causing the errors. I disabled the module earlier and the 404 errors have stopped.

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Module ShareThis disabled... and now everything is ok !
Thanks ;)

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I'm using ShareThis as well.

After disabling the module, the 404 errors stopped instantly (I checked via Google Analytics realtime report).

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The issue was actually with ShareThis themselves and not the module. It's all sorted now.