Read about Ubuntu's brainstorm website over at /. and being an Ubuntu user I had to check it out. Once there I noticed that you had to register to use the website so when I visited the registration page I saw a very familiar design:

Ubuntu brainstorm is similar to Dell's Idea storm the aim being to let the community members submit their ideas on how to make the OS better and then other members vote the idea up or down similar to the way it is done on


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just imagine: people vote on value and interest of major and minor modules by category on and then talented devs consolidate efforts and push out more 'wanted' modules more quickly to more users based on majority votes and opinions...

...or the same thing for core features and related planning...

that would be some interesting shit...

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what is vote module name? can we download it?

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there are tons of discussions about building 'digg' style sites with drupal - search around the forums for 'digg' or 'voting api module' (and follow the threads from the module as well) - it's very powerful and useful (user points, voting content, etc)

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That's a good idea and way to go for using Drupal there! I wish there was something similar on here so it would be easier to tell where the quality modules are.


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so as i was reading this all, i was like "you know what? i'm just gonna throw up an ad=free pligg site and see if people want to vote on modules" - so i type in to see if it's taken - and it is. check it out (not fully there yet, but the right idea)

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They have given this link when I asked for source code.

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You should remove this website from the list, due to this website is using wordpress, would be great if they say way did they switched to wordpress...

WorldFallz’s picture didn't switch to wordpress-- the website itself was discontinued (notice you get redirected from to the main community site, that's what's wordpress).

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Yea thats right, even more you should remove this post of the websites that are using drupal...

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In general, we don't remove any posts.... they're there for history ans context.

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The site doesn't even exist any more - what exactly are you commenting on?

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judging by the user's tracker, looks like they're preparing for signature/link spam, lol.

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ok, 15 'nice site' posts in the last 2 days and you joined a week ago? Not sure what you're planning to do, but just know 1) you're already on the radar 2) your links will be automatically no followed and 3) you'll be blocked immediately.

hardlly seems worth it, lol.