Hello, this is not a very specific question about how to. This is a question about what will happen with context in drupal 8. I saw a long period of development to finish context in drupal 7. So I dont know what will going to happen in drupal 8.


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No answer in more than 2 months...

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think it's a bad sign that no answer for so long...

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Title: Will be context in drupal 8? » Context in drupal 8?
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Changing title.

Is there help that is needed to get this done, and is there a branch already started? Or is context not looking to upgrade to 8.x.

I assume that with the Scotch Initiative there was a delay in the development process, but with the update/9.x push on that, Context still definitely seems to be necessary.

Thanks for the great mod!

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It seems the maintainers haven't decided to port to D8 yet.

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I have always felt that Context should be in core some way. Along the lines of replacing the current block layout with the functionality of context.

Using context as blocks is one my main purposes. Time/life saver when it comes to working with the front end.

Who knows, maybe 9?

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@GraMur Here is the thread about Scotch: https://groups.drupal.org/node/287563

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May be Rules will be the next context?

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will be the context feature in the drupal core? Otherwise we definitely need a drupal 8 version ...

Best regards

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Title: Context in drupal 8? » Port context to Drupal 8
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Any news on this issue? I need context D8 for Google Analytics #2306281: Context module integration.

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Hmmm... No reaction in this thread :-(

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Looking into this a bit, it seems Rules is the critical module to get ported and from what I understand this will allow context conditions for blocks, which is really the bit I am mainly interested in.

There is a video here: https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org/session/drupal-8-contrib-module-update

The first talk is about Rules. I think this is what we need to focus on before Context, or even if Rules will completely supplant Context (I don't know enough about this sort of thing to answer that).

It would be rather good to have some feedback from the Context maintainers about this issue, at least some sort of guidance since Drupal 8 release is getting rather more imminent by the week.

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Hi all, sorry for the rather long delay in response here. I've been away from a lot of active work on context for a while and colan has been doing a lot of maintainer-ship duties. I'll give an update of what I do and don't know about the future of context in D8.

First a disclaimer, this is info about my personal status on updating context and not a summary of the position of all the maintainers.

To the primary question of, "Will there be a Drupal 8 version of context" the answer for me at the moment is I don't yet know. I'm still on the Drupal 8 learning curve (focusing primarily on some configuration management understanding at the moment) so I haven't yet fully evaluated whether all the things context can do are satisfied by other techniques and initiatives (rules, panels, improved blocks in core, SCOTCH, etc.). If they don't satisfy the use cases, it is likely that there will be a Drupal 8 version of context.

I do have a nascent idea of what form a Drupal 8 version may take based on the learning about new plugin system in core but it's not fully fleshed out.

I'm certainly willing to discuss with anyone who may have already developed a vision of what context should look like in Drupal 8 and I'll endeavor to update here as I know more. I think this is a good place to discuss what gaps in capabilities are currently seen in Drupal 8 compared to what the Drupal 7 version of context allows.

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Hi Chris and thanks for your answer.

I think Drupal 8 is not satisfying what Context proposes, for me, the only real tool for "sections". All in all, I'm really surprised how the block management in Drupal 8 is childish (if that expression exists in english ;-) for the kind of tool they are trying to build.

In fact Drupal 6 or 7 wouldn't have being a good contender on high end web sites building without Panels or Context. Panels looks to be ready for Drupal 8, but Context is my tool of choice, a tool not for "changing everything" but for managing sites building (it's difficult to explain for someone who has not used Context a lot...). And I think Rules doesn't offer the approach that Context provides.

As long as I know the Scotch initiative is only related with blocks management, and Context is much more, since the point the in many occasions is a real alternative for triggering actions better that Rules for things as menus, display, breadcrumb, body tags... Well, all that IMHO :-)

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As one of the maintainers, I don't see myself actively working on this (unless a D8 client project falls on my lap which requires Context).

Patches are always welcome! As soon as there's RTBCed code in here, I'll help move things along.

Sorry for the delayed response.

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(unless a D8 client project falls on my lap which requires Context).

I hope that will be happens. Context is a great, powerful and easy to use module. Together with rules you can make awesome sites.

Best regards

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I was looking for something that would work for now in D8 and found for my purposes the new flexibility built into the D8 block system (so you can place a block in more than one region with different visibility rules) and https://www.drupal.org/project/block_visibility_groups achieves a pretty reasonable solution. There is a video about the Block Visibility Groups module at http://www.sixmiletech.com/content/block-visibility-groups-drupal-8-bloc... that shows how it works.

That may not solve all use cases for Context, but some of them.

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That is maybe 1% of what context does. That does not help much.

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Wow, I'm really surprised -- I know a few big sites that use the Context module and not having a D8 candidate is going to require a lot of rethinking/rebuilding. Huge bummer.

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So I've started working on what could become context in Drupal 8. I made a reply to the other post about porting context over here.

It still quite rough bit the basic entities, forms and such are there, but there is still a lot to figure out. You can find the code over at Github.

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Marked #2606010: Port context to Drupal 8 as a duplicate of this issue.

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Thanks @KarenS, I was just coming here to suggest my module Block Visibility Groups(BVG) as possible alternative for Context in D8.

As you said it doesn't do all of what Context does but it does allow you to place Blocks in regions based on groups of conditions. I know that CTools is going to be adding more condition plugins so once that is done BVG should be more powerful. Also Ctools will add a block for every field #2561935: Create a block for every field (which'll take the entity as context) which because all most everything that use to be entity properties our now "fields" in Drupal 8 this should be very powerful.

I am trying to keep the module minimalist as possible because the Block module in Drupal 8 has become much more powerful with the ability to add a single block multiple times.

Once Rules is further along for Drupal8 I am also planning on making a BVG Rules submodule which should allow other reactions to besides just placing blocks by creation of BVG reaction rules.

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We were looking over which modules are or will be ported to Drupal 8 to decide if we're going to build a new site in D7 or D8. When we reached context we thought "oh darn"..Not having context is the biggest dealbreaker for us for D8 at this time.

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So I've made some progress on what could be Context for Drupal 8. I've almost got the blocks reaction implemented. The code is still very much a work in progress and i could use a lot of help with figuring things out and building other reactions as well as code review and writing testing.

If anybody is interested you can find the current repo over at Github.

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Related issues: +#2578531: [context] Context

That related ticket shows the D8 porting status on the module project page under "Recommended releases" section at https://www.drupal.org/project/context

Which invites additional contributors to join the port efforts

Read more at https://www.drupal.org/project/contrib_tracker

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Feel really free to use any tools that works best for you. After the code is hosted on this ticket or in Drupal.org branch me and the fellows I'm working with would be happy to contribute testing patch, quality assurance, documentation, and agile project management services if needed

Related pages that might be of interest

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On 2015-11-16 05:11 PM, tekante wrote:

I gave you edit permissions and NormySan write to VCS permission. Let me know if you need anything else.

@NormySan: You should be able to start merging your code and start working in the new 8.x-4.x branch I created. Thanks!

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@colan Thanks a lot! I'll make sure to set it up as soon as possible :)

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I'll update this issue for all of those who are following it. I've been in touch with @NormySan and @tekante and I got the maintainer role on Context module.

I'm one of those who really liked to use Context in Drupal 7 and I'm looking forward of creating a stable release as soon as possible, with at least the basic functions of what Drupal 7 version had. I'm working at Agiledrop and we decided to spend some of our time inside of our company to fix issues and prepare new features. One of my colleagues @icurk already created Context Groups (https://www.drupal.org/project/context_groups), which further expands the functionality of Context.

So anyone who wants to help, check the issue queue, do some patches, review them or suggest some improvement. We'll do our best to commit reviewed patches as soon as possible.

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That's wonderful news!

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Looking forward to some information, don't forget https://www.drupal.org/node/2578531

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We will create Beta release in next couple of days.

We only need a review on couple of issues, after they are put to RTBC we will add them and create a Beta release of the module. Current active branch is 8.x-1.x. There were three branches created by previous maintainer, so we will also clean that up and continue development on 8.x-4.x.