After a month-long Community QA, we are getting ready to deploy D7 upgrade. During the last couple of weeks we were limiting the number of ‘to-do before launch’ issues to those that are absolutely essential. Currently our launch blocker list consists of the 12 open issues.

We took a look at the upcoming Drupal events to find a quiet week, which won’t interfere with major camps and sprints, and..

Launch date

If by Monday, 28 of October, launch blocker issue is down to 0, we plan to deploy the D7 upgrade on Thursday, 31 of October.

If by Monday, 28 of October, the launch blocker issue count is higher than 0, we will have to postpone deployment for a few weeks.

What will the launch look like? will be down for approximately 24 hours during deployment. It will be replaced by a static page with a download link for the latest Drupal release available. Sub-sites will stay online, but with user logins disabled. We realize this will be a significant inconvenience for users who rely on, and will try to bring it up as soon as possible.

We will start deployment around 15:00 UTC on October 31st. We expect the site to be back up by 15:00 UTC on November 1st.

Update: both and will stay online. drush make / dl will work fine, update status module as well.

What if there are problems? Do you have a back up plan?

Yes, we do. If we encounter significant problems during migration, we will roll back to the Drupal 6 version of and restore backup made right before migration started.

How can I find out what’s going on during deployment?

Twitter accounts to follow are @drupal_org and @drupal_infra. IRC channels: #drupal and #drupal-contribute.

What changes will I see when the site comes back online?

Most pages on the site won’t change. Our goal for this project was straight port from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. The only place where you will see significant UI changes is the issue page. Some time ago we wrote up this blog post, which explains what is changing and why in detail. We will also publish an F.A.Q. right before launch, which will list all changes you might encounter on the website.

How can I help?

To ensure we are able to launch on time, you can help us by bringing launch blockers count to 0.

Here are the issues:

Drupal Core
#1289336: Calling node_view for the same node with multiple view modes on the same page during node preview does not correctly attach fields
#2001308: Node preview removes file values from node edit form for non-displayed items

Search API
#2110315: Specialized filter for users and terms
#1832356: Figure out how to dereference option lists with Search API

#2044475: D7: restore search page integration, or remove dead code
#2097927: Remove 'Update this issue' link next to main comment form when issue updaters are used to the new green button
#1991726: Move "Follow" button back to the sidebar

#2090757: User timezone on git7site doesn't match the value on production


webchick’s picture

First of all, YAY!! :D I did have some follow-up questions, though...

1) Will remain working? (in other words, will Update Status module continue to function, or will all Drupal sites get a 30+ second delay on all admin pages?)

2) Will still be available? (in other words, will drush dl continue to work as an avenue for people to download other projects during the downtime?)

This might be implied by "Sub-sites will stay online" but wanted to explicitly ask about it.


tvn’s picture

Yes, both of them will stay up during downtime.

webchick’s picture seems to imply that translator tools and translation updates will also be down for an unspecified period of time after launch. Is that true, or are is the plan to get working prior to launch?

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We are working on it. will start providing the data needed for l.d.o today. Then l.d.o team will need to update their site to work with this new data source.

steinmb’s picture

Will stay up?

tvn’s picture

Yes, is a sub-site, all sub-sites will stay up.