The past few days we've experienced a frustrating problem of the side banners of our Drupal 0 point theme version 6.x-1.10 disappearing.

We initially thought it might be a few problematic article posts which may have had some type of coding from Word or a Google Doc, however, we've

deleted them.

Some times when we press the tabs of the website, the side banners come up. When we go to the landing page, there are no side banners.

We've contacted our hosting company, which has no idea - everything looks fine on their end.

We've deleted any new articles that have happened since the disappearance of our side banners and the problem persists.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Or if you can help us pinpoint the problem?

Here is a link -

Many thanks!


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As per the information provided by you zeropoint theme have option to set dynamic sidebars from theme settings. I think you have miss configured it. As there is no sidebar code added to your template. You can verify the block settings under site biulding -> blocks -> 0 Point.

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Hello SubHRansu. Thank you for your reply to our post!

In keeping with your suggestion - would that be the case even though the website
has been fine for the last three years? We've done nothing on our end to change the dynamic sidebars from theme settings. Just went in now under block settings under site building -> blocks -> 0 Point and I see a yellow highlight on both sides which reads Right Side Bar and Left Side Bar.

We appreciate your time and thank you again.