I've created a subtheme of AT DoubleQ 7.x-3.x-dev.

All is going quite well, except I can't get my breadcrumbs to show up.

I've checked the box in the theme settings, and my theme settings.info file has the following:

settings[breadcrumb_display] = 1
settings[breadcrumb_home] = 1
settings[breadcrumb_label] = 0
settings[breadcrumb_title] = 1
settings[breadcrumb_separator] =  » 

But still, my breadcrumbs are being commented out.

          <div id="breadcrumb-wrapper">
        <div class="container clearfix">
          <div id="breadcrumb" class="clearfix"><nav class="breadcrumb-wrapper clearfix" role="navigation"><h2 class="element-invisible">You are here</h2><ol id="crumbs" class="clearfix"><li class="crumb crumb-first"><a href="/">Home</a></li><li class="crumb crumb-last"><span class="crumb-sepreator"> &#187; </span>arcology</li></ol></nav></div>        </div>

Of course I've flushed the cache, looked at the site on the varnish address (port 80) and at the Apache address (port 8080) - no joy.

My site's here: http://arcosanti.resonetrics.com/

Any ideas appreciated.