Hiya Guys,

Am just finishing off a webphone.module specification for a drupal based site.

The functionality is very simple:

1. in the user profile list an automatic webphone indicator displays whether the person is online/offline/on a call....and a direct link to "phone" the user is online.

For those of you not familiar with Voice over Internet Protocol...or VOIP..it is superb! and it's FREE!!!
It's the ability to speak to people over the internet for free person to person and text chat privately user-2-user.

Have spent the last few months evaluating the various models out there and the skype on came out as one of the better ones. It's based on p2p technology (same guys that develoepd grokster have made skype)..so the quality is very good.

The base model of skype is free...cross platform (works with mac, pc, linux & handheld computers) and is very easy to use and install.

You can get a copy here: http://www.skype.com/download

there is an add-on to skype people can buy..such as the ability to phone real phone numbers (computer-to-computer webphone calls are free)...or buy a virtual phone number so people can phone you from a normal phone (normal phone-2-webphone).

It's also interesting in the sense that the base code for skype is downloadable. I'm not a c++ programmer, but there is scope there to change the interface to suit.

I'm due to have the drupal webphone.module ready closer to the weekend and was just wondering if anyone else is interested in this area. I plan to clean up the module I'm working on and put in the sandbox with a view of releasing it on here as a proper module.

So any feedback/requests/etc. now would be great.



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Hi dublin.

I'm new to drupal but am familiar with skype. a webphone.module would be excellent.

how would it work?

Would ppl still have to download the skype softphone?

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I use skype too and I'd be interested to see it integrated in drupal.

The Green Room

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Thanks for all the emails...but it's better to post up here rather than contacting me direct.

To collectively answer a few of the questions:

dooes it work independently or do people still have to download the skype webphone?

No it doesn't work independently. people will still have to download the Skype WebPhone.

The module simply lets other community members on a drupal site know if the user is a skype user AND is online/away/not available/do not disturb etc.

Can I change the Skype phone interface?

Yes. Skype allows people to download the source c++ code so they can play around with the source. So I imagine it's relatively simple for a C++ programmer to put a new skin or theme on the skype webphone if you want.

Although..I haven't got a clue about c++ so..you're probably better off just using the default as it is cross platform...it's free.

does it work with normal telephones?

Yes. computer-2-computer phone calls are free. All you have to do is download the skype webphone software (mac, pc, linux & pocket PC) and have a microphone. That's all.

If you want people to be able to "phone" you from a normal phone...you can rent a real phone number that routes through to your webphone.

If you want to be able to "phone" other people on a normal phone..you can buy call credits..so you can phone normal phone numbers with your webphone.

That's how skype make their money. The base product is free and as far as I can see, is open source.

Is there other alternatives?

Loads. Someone mentioned a system called Asterix to me so I will look into that and see if they all operate on the same principle. i.e. your webphone.module allows for users to have a Skype webphone..or an Asterix webphone etc. Not sure about inter compatibility...but I think it's better to give people the choice rather than stick with one system. Hopefully the webphone.module can be tweaked to link into a few different types.

Can the private chat with skype be linked in as well?

Yep. I suppose an extra button can be made where you can choose to have a PRIVATE CHAT or to PHONE a user...will look into it.

If I have a big drupal-driven community..can I make a comission on skype services?

yes. But, I notice they are very very slow in getting back to partner/reseller requests. Not to mention support requests. Some of their paid sercives are still in beta. So I envisage people initially starting with just the computer-2-computer phone conversations...which works on a p2p basis.

Can we do conference calls/chats with the webphone.module?

yep. Not sure of the limit, but I think you can ibvite 5 guests into a skype conference call..

Hope that helps. I should have the first draft of the module in the sandbox at this weekend. Hopefully more experienced php coders can help out with enhancing the module and helping it develop after that.

For the curious...skype is available here:



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Will there be any ability to have conference calls via this module with skype? Any way in the interface to set that up. for instance a site wants to host a conference call with a special speaker?

Also, in your research have you found any good programs or ways when using skype to record phone calls as mp3's? This could be great for podcasting a conference session. Awesome job. can't wait to try it.

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Hi Jason..

re: conference calls

yep. that is an out of the box feature with skype..i.e. call conferencing.

I have tried it with three people including myself...which is fine..not sure
of the max amount of people on the one call it can handle.

That won't be module related though. It would be easier to simply invite people in...and setup a "broadcast" where people can listen and submit questions using the text-chat.

Am going to concentrate on getting the basic module up first and then maybe look at ideas to enhance it later....I see the way you're thinking. I imagine it would be fairly straightforward to broadcast back through a stream from a drupal site or simply record the discussion and save it as an mp3.......but I'm not sure. Will have to look into it Jason.

re: recording MP3s

not sure. there is a free automatic answering machine (add-on) that you can download..I did it and recorded a WAV file to use as a personalised voicemail. So I assume you could use an mp3.

Hope that helps...


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Using Drupal to help build Artist & Band web communities.

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I am interested in the module, and would make use of it.


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depending on the functionlities this module will give, the market buzz around skype is at it's all time high and lots of people are using it out there. I would be very interested in this killerapp for drupal.

And depending which drupal version is requited (I am on 4.5 and will upgrade in a month or so), I would love to (beta)test this module

bert boerland

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Hi Bert..

Don't get too excited or have too high an expectation..it will be a basic "version 1.0" webphone.module...the plan is to get it more sophisticated over time and gradually...

Am hoping it sparks ideas and other more experienced drupallers and php coders to help develop.

The great thing about skype is its universal appeal..cross platofrm..100million users and the source code is available for download. So from a security point a view it's fairly good to check for spyware etc. and to even bespoke/re-brand the phone for a specific site.

Was hoping to have this up in feb..but better late than never I suppose..


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Using Drupal to help build Artist & Band web communities.

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as you´ve noticed by now there´s a big interest in this module and you can add one more vote here :)

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I put together a spec quite some time ago. Remember, you wouldn't be communicating through the Drupal website at all, any actions would just launch Skype externally.

Here's my spec, it's on a wiki, so feel free to edit.

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It's suggestions like that I was hoping for...here's a quick response to your spec

- dist auth: login to Drupal sites via Skype user/pass (would need DistAuth-v2 so no concern over capture)

- buddylist: connect/sync with Skype contact list

- callto:// links in user profile, potentially elsewhere

- presence: indicator of online availability (next to "Who is online?", user profile, elsewhere)

-connection with IM somehow

Item 3 and 4 will be included in the initial module..1, 2 & 5 will need a bit of work.

I'm just going to have very basic integration of status and a callto:link to start with.

Hope that makes sense.


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Using Drupal to help build Artist & Band web communities.

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IMHO a SIP VOIP module would go further and have a far bigger adoption.

  • stadard
  • vendor independent
  • multiple IP to PSTN gateways
  • multiple VOIP clients and the number is rising
  • Anyone can setup their own SIP server or join get an address from a third party, for example http://www.iptel.org
  • the quality is good, and with newer codecs gets better
  • You already have a installed, or in your OS, you might just not know it :)

SIP is just a protocol to initiate a session. You can have not only VOIP, but any kind of media streams, for example VRVS ( http://www.vrvs.org ) are doing audio/video/desktop conferencing + chat and one of the supported protocls is SIP.
Have a look at sipforum, http://iptel.org http://www.sipfoundry.org googe and (possibly) the collest of them all SIP at home

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I think you might be right..I have been looking into other voip solutions apart from skype and it looks like it is just about to explode as an application. with skype just being one of many many players in the market.

I had to jump out of working on the skype module a few weeks back, but will be back on it soon...will probably be better to think of it as a VOIP.MODULE rather than a skype.module so drupal administrators can pick and choose their own webphone system or offer alternatives.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for the links..


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Using Drupal to help build Artist & Band web communities.

Currently in Switzerland working as an Application Developer with UBS Investment Bank...using Drupal 7 and lots of swiss chocolate

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But I think you are right to start with Skype as it is used in so many places and has more user friendly support than many softphones. Take a look at this:

I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype. When the inventors of Kazaa are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it's free - it's over. The world will change now inevitably."

That is Michael Powell, chairman of the US Federal Communication Commission talking about the when he first used pocket-skype, http://www.techcentralstation.com/070104F.html .

I don't bring this up just to show how an easy to use program like skype is making VOIP more standard for non-techies and thus makes sense to use for the first Drupal module touching this, but also to illustrate something big is about to break out with telephony.

The suggestions about broader SIP integration make sense and seem like the way to go, but it seems equally wise to start out with something standard and accesible to the tech layman. So keep up the good work and we all can't wait to test.

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Just wondering what happened to the coming release of this a few weeks ago?

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Sorry dude..got sidetracked into something else and didn't get it finished..

Will upload it soon...


A drupal user by chance and a dubliner by sheer luck.
Using Drupal to help build Artist & Band web communities.

Currently in Switzerland working as an Application Developer with UBS Investment Bank...using Drupal 7 and lots of swiss chocolate

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I wondered if Vskype would make a better job for our community...
check this out: http://www.skypejournal.com/blog/archives/2005/06/vskype_video_co_1.php

b.t.w: any progress on your module Dub?

Issac M.

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HI Issac,

Yeah that video thing looks useful for people who have skype & a video webcam installed.

to answer your question about the module...a skype/voip module is on hold at the moment...am digging through some of the VOIP links posted by others on here when I find some time..

At the moment a skype module would have to rely too much on external third party services to work. I'm hoping that skype make their software/system easier to integrate into web communities soon, apart from just adding a skype field to a user profile, there's not much point in unleashing a skype.module

One of the largest drupal driven sites, ecademy.com are trying to integrate it, not without difficulties. See for yourself at this link:


There are a few third party services out there such as the online status indicator from skyperunners.com..which requires a user to download and install a new piece of software, before it works. the site is regularly not working, so I'm not sure how reliable the service is. But since people have to download and install something - which is PC only - which makes it clunky and restrictive.


Alternatively there is the Jyve site..which people have to register with.


So, For the moment, I think it's far better to just add a new "skypename" field in user profiles in conjunction with the online now module.

That way nobody has to download and install anything or register anywhere if they have skype already.

You can get some official skype me buttons here:


I'm keeping tabs on developments Issac and it looks like that skype will start increasing the flexibility of their webphone and make it easier to integrate.

Having said that, it is interesting to see what the open-source voip competitors are doing to keep up with skypes apparant domination of the market.

Some of those OS solutions are very techy and difficult to decipher. Hopefully that will improve.

Hope that answers your question...bottom line is that there' s not much point (at the moment) just duplicating what skype already does for people.


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Dub, I'm looking at ways to do SIP integration into drupal. Initially just adding a sip:my_account@somewhere.on.the.net link in the user profile, and later on interfacing to remote SIP services, for example SER or Asterix. I doubt it that I would implement a subset of SIP in php though.

An integration of sip-communicator running as an applet is feasible as well. I've seen it work well on VRVS. It supports audio and video conferencing.

I'm looking further down the line at creating a minimal, site oriented
VOIP backchannel for a website, although that is a bit further down the line, and I'm not sure how it can be accomplished.

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Hi Dikini,

Sounds good. Keep me posted.

When I initially started this thread, I thought it would be much simpler to integrate VOIP into drupal. Unfortunately it's not and the more I dipped my toes into the subject area, the more I realised that it requires a significant module "back-end".

I think we might end up with a VOIP.MODULE which handshakes with a few remote SIP services, like SER or ASTERIX. Or like the way the ecommerce suite of modules allows people to contribute third party "handshakes" with payment providers.

SKYPE is good, cross platform, popular and it's free. Although it's not really open source so a skype.module at the moment isn't really of value - much easier to just add an extra field to the user profiles that allows users to put in their skype name. Skype also comes with an inbuilt online status thing, chat and other handy utilities. So there's not much point spending a lot of time just replicating that. Not at the moment, anyhow.

I'm looking further down the line at creating a minimal, site oriented VOIP backchannel for a website, although that is a bit further down the line, and I'm not sure how it can be accomplished.

That sounds interesting, not sure if this is of use or not..but I was looking at how Flash remoting might be used instead of applets/other in implementing drupal integration of VOIP. i.e. flash takes care of the problems of the client side stuff..

Quick definition: "Flash Remoting allows flash movies to call remote server side applications, passing parameters and recieving requests. "

There is an open source flash remoting tool here: http://ghostwire.com/go/28

Anyway..not sure if that is of use or not..but..please keep us posted on developments.


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I've been looking at flash remoting myself. The idea I had about it is to have a http-to-sip-or-whatever-proxy on the server and stream audio and or video in both directions.

The complications are coming from my close to nil familiarity with flash :)

As for the voip.module, I don't kn ow really - apart from presence, and maybe access to voicemail I don't see how it could be feasible. PHP is probably a bad choice for doing heavier stuff. Unless of course, it is used for gateway logic.

It is a deep pit, I admit.

The working solutions I've seen up until now involve

  • html+js+"something unknown on the backend" for presense provision - that shouldn't be a big problem with SIP, it's doable
  • java applets or native OS clients for the VOIP protocol handling

I'm thinking of a couple of service providers and VRVS I've tested for the past year and a half, as part of a project I'm involved with.

Currently using opens source tools it is possible to setup a voip serever with p2p, group conferencing, voicemail, PSTN. Video 'rooms' - not really, but it is a higher end feature anyway.

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You will find I'm afraid that Flash can only send audio or video to the Flash Comm Server a proprietary piece of software. You can stream mp3 files from a server into Flash. But I don't think this will allow you to stream a live channel into Flash.

Actionscript doesn't give you access to the raw audio data from a mike or to the sound system but only allows you to tie it to a server connection (Flash Comm).

I a lot of experience working with Flash remoting, getting Flash interactive content talking to the open source Moodle LMS. See my site http://jamiep.org

I'm interested in doing some work with Drupal at some stage.


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Hi all, interesting discussion, though seems like youre not going ahead, which is a shame.

if it were simply adding in skype as is to drupal then I agree with your logic, and understand why you feel theres no point.

But consider a few alternative scenarios:

Let people access skype, and add additional features that skype currently doesnt provide. Not voip features, community value add that Drupal excels at. So for example

1. Voice Messaging: (may use one of the free 3rd party skype apps)

How about uploading a voice message to a users blog, effectively make the blog a skypecast. Drupals blog is providing the permanent online "space" which skype doesnt provide. Currently users will have to setup all this themself. Drupal could make it easy for a skype user to make his skype a podcasting tool onto his blog. His drupal site would be the casting server for "public" casts

If the user happens to be online then a reply allows buddies to jump into a skype chat/multi-chat about that mini-cast.

can be text/audio/video. It's enhances a blog and could be integrated to organic groups and the OG blog, in which case the skype conferencing makes it really a neat app.

Remember skype as it is gives us no permananent space online - if we can have a drupalmodule that just links effectively with skyp(or other sip/voip) then we really get a higher level of functionality because the voice/video can be stored and in effect we have a blog/podcast/vlog for very little extra user effort (just by using skype the drupal module manges the rest for them), yet embedded withing a drupal community that can also have group blogs/conferences.

Thats just one possibility. So I reckon there is still great value from linking to skype, but that the extra functionality may not be stuff that replicates any skype aspect, but rather exploits drupals community features to make skying a richer and community oriented experience.

Another possibility. Imagine having any skype user having a drupal id based on skype, able to simply click and get enrolled in some community, lets imagine drupal.org or ourmedia (maybe more appropriate), and imediately gets sent to their ready created organic group, with them as group admin, and their skype buddies as potential members for invite. The group can act as the central "permanent space" that skype doesnt give them, for all their social activity/communication. They have the blog where skypecasts go, they have a group space where they can invite select friends from their list and keep conference sesions recorded, and they can spin out as many more groups as they want for whatever appropriate different needs. They can set the group to private so its totally not viewable, or they can set to public or some in between. It can be like yahoo360 but not a proprietary/gated yahoo community. and can be tweaked so the flavour can be as professional or as fun as they wish.

So yes theres a lot worth doing here, just look at how can leverage drupal to make it a powerful social tool. Maybe marc Canter's Digital Lifestyle Aggregator concept should be the base for this. Maybe PeopleAggregator idea can leverage some of this?


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for contributing to the discussion..but, just to point out a few things..

(a) you can integrate skype into a drupal site already by simply adding an extra profile field where users enter in their skype name. There's not much point in developing a module to do that.

there are other 3rd party products that allows you to have a SKYPE STATUS (online/offline/busy etc.) so when people are viewing a users profile, they know if they're online or offline.

I don't like the way those 3rd party products are done...and wouldn't recommend integrating it in that way.

When skype opens up it's code a bit more than at present...I think it will make sense, over time, to look at developing a module that allows for voice messaging, buddy lists, chat integration etc. But until then, I think it's best not to invest too much time or energy into a skype.module as it is.

It would be an overkill to say the least.

(b) voice messaging & voice/video blogs.

That can already be done by tweaking the moblog.module...which allows users to submit text, images, audio and video to their weblogs using their mobile phone. or using the various media modules that are out there.

I came across a site recently that was offering an extremely easy to use video/audio blogging system that does exactly what you mentioned...


It's very well put together and extremely simple to use. Should be fairly self explanatory to how it works.

I think the "back-end" to that is Flash communicator, which is extremely expensive for a license and not practical for an open source community.

So while I think you have some good ideas, I think you are muddling multimedia concepts with VOIP. Voice Over IP is really a different area and specifically about person-2-person audio/video communication over the web.

It's a developing and emerging area and while it's inevitable there will be a skype.module when the guys at skype open up their code a bit more, I think a voip.module might happen sooner.

And I totally agree it opens up avenues for other levels of interaction within a drupal community.

hope that makes sense


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Actually what I meant was that the focus should be on leveraging Drupals strengths for community building around such services. So Im agreeing that theres no point redeveloping any skype functionality. nstead to provide functionality that tkes voip services like sjkype and do something extra, eg turn skype messaging into a community blog with voip created & delivered content. ill check out the moblog module because that sound like just the way to go.

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Just thought I would mention Gizmo Project http://www.gizmoproject.com API should be released soon.

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Google Talk just launched IM and voice, the chat is open standrad xmpp (Jabber).. which is very promising

Also as a result Skype seemed to have made thier API more open as well now so maybe a Skype/voip module is back on the cards :-)

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HI Peter,

I've tried the gizmo project and it is very nice and clean. Very like skype, but, with a slighly nicer design. When I downloaded it (last week) to try it out it was buggy, so I guess it's still in development.

Definitely keeping my eye on it. I think their API might be available before skype and others.


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My understanding is that Skype is not in fact strictly VOIP but operates as a relay. A friend of mine at a major colocation facility told me about their attempts to use it in-house -- for it does have nice features, like encryption -- but the traffic was just through the roof. That's when they discovered this unadvertised characteristic of Skype.

Look at their forums and you will see people running up to their ISP bandwidth limits just by having Skype open. An analysis of your data streams will reveal that Skype is passing other calls through you, even when you're off-line. So forget strict P2P, this is more like bittorrent in data management, I believe. This makes it very impractical if you're on a limited bandwidth or dial-up connection. (I use Skype almost every day, so I'm not just going sour grapes on it.)

I hate posts that get persnickety like this, but I thought it was an interesting discovery, and makes questions of what others are up to much more interesting. A true P2P system that could be managed from a server (as Jabber can be) rather than managed centrally might have some real appeals, especially if they all would talk to each other.

Anyway, this module does sound interesting, and could be fabulously useful for businesses maintaining an advertised online availability.


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Thanks for the heads up Laura. That is interesting and good to know.

There's rumours that google maybe looking to buy skypes customer base by simply buying the company and there are other projects emerging that look like they might be better candidates for integration into drupal.

I think we are going to see VOIP evolve quite quickly over the next few months. It's been a fairly vibrant area already, but the majority have yet to release the source, apart from a few, like the asterisk project.

A voip.module for drupal is inevitable, I think and it will be very useful for drupal communities - I'm still getting my head around what possibilities and applications they could be used for.

I just hope, that will all the juxtopositioning that's going on with the commercial VOIP initiatives, they come together and agree on some sort of standard - the ideal scenario for drupal communities is that they are not *tied* to any particular softphone - so people using a skype phone can call a gizmo softphone "number" etc.

Hope that makes sense and thanks again for the input


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HI guys,

For anyone following developments in this area..just thought I'd flag the opening up of Skypes API a bit more and new interesting applications are beginning to emerge....the most interesting of which is a skype-2-SIP gateway...which will make a voip.module for drupal easier and less client-dependent. hopefully other skype developers will follow the same lead and allow ALL softphones to communicate with each other.

PSGw (Personal Skype to H.323/SIP gateway) is an application that allows to connect Skype network with H.323 and SIP networks. PSGw works as router that should be placed between Skype and H.323 or SIP network. PSGw can route calls from Skype users to H.323 or SIP endpoint according to user-defined rules.

Other new applications emerging for skype are listed in the following gallery:


The bottom line is that while skype is (at the moment) probably the most common softphone in use, their source code is more open than it was when I first started looking into it. Which is good news.

I wouldn't be surprised if the recent rush of releases from skype (they've released 2 new versions of the softphone over the past week) is a precursor to a takeover...and less surprised if it was google who did the taking over.


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its a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution of Skype
I though it would be useful for someone who is interested of Skype implementation


download to look at the code
Basically If its implemented somehow, you can make calls to landlines from a Drupal site using your Skype account

- A area box for numbers to call (country prefix [xx] [000][0000][00000]
- Further obvious things can be done .. introducing a Skype username area to Drupal user profiles
- Showing you online/hide/offline status
usergroups categorisation errr..
-Pals show me as [online][offline][hidden]
-Clients show me as [online][offline][hidden]
online user john >[skype call][leave a message][chat]

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drupal 5+ has Skype support module.

I am sure that this thread contains wonderfull ideas - would you summerize them as issues for the new module?


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Xcuse me to disturb after such a long time, but what happened with this thread? I need exactly the funcionality you speak about (no more no less, really) preferably without the user having to download any software ... how hard can it be? If you have any info/further work or development thoughts i'd be very interested to hear about it

Simon Moe (simmoe@gmail.com)

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asterisk http://drupal.org/project/asterisk

  1. Call yourself: Visit your account page. Under the 'Telephone' section, click 'call me', and Asterisk will call you and play a demo.
  2. Call another user: Visit a user's account page. Under the 'Telephone' section, click 'call user', and Asterisk will first call your number, then call the user's number and bridge the call.
  3. Call another person: Enter the person's phone number in the 'Make call' block. Click 'call now'. Asterisk will first call your number, then call the number you entered and bridge the call.
  4. Record a message and attach it to a node: Create, for example, a blog entry. Save it, and on the blog page, click on 'record attachment'. Enter a filename for the attachment, select whether you want it initially displayed in the listings or not, and click 'Record file'. Asterisk will call you, and when you hear the beep, record your message, then hang up. Wait a few moments and refresh the page. The file you recorded will now be attached to the blog entry.
  5. Listen to a recorded asterisk file by phone: Click on one of the links under the 'Recent audio files' block. Asterisk will call you and play the recording.

skype support module: http://drupal.org/project/skypesupport

skype status module: http://drupal.org/project/skype_status

more skype voip related: http://drupal.org/search/node/skype

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I am using skype for a very long time now. Would love to try out the add on which you are developing . I have also seen this type of solution on http://www.voipsipsdk.com/ but they are charging to much. When would be the add on ready for use?

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I think that this should be suitable for most of the needs and has a big advantage that you don't need to download and install any desktop software like in case of the Skype: