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Now that Views is provided as a Drupal 8 core module, numerous content listings in core modules have been converted to configurable views, and the one-off, legacy code previously used to generate these listings has been removed.

Note: The following conversions are still in progress:
#1941830: Convert tracker listings to a view
#2207263: Try and build /forum and /forum/{tid} with views
#2020387: Convert "Active forum topics" block to a View
#1986606: Convert the comments administration screen to a view
#1863906: Replace content revision table with a view
#1337018: Convert /aggregator to a view
#2223899: Convert the feed block into a view.
#2015149: Replace dblog recent log entries with a view

Converted listings

The following listings are now provided as views.

Administrative pages

  • admin/people
  • admin/content
  • Additionally, a new administrative page for files is provided at admin/content/files.

Content pages

  • node (default frontpage)
  • taxonomy/term/{taxonomy_term}
  • aggregator/sources

RSS feeds

  • rss.xml
  • aggregator/rss
  • aggregator/opml
  • taxonomy/term/{taxonomy_term}/feed


  • Recent content
  • Recent comments
  • Who's new
  • Who's online

Non-Views fallbacks

The Views module is required to provide most content listing features. However, the following views provide fallback pages if Views is not installed.

  • The admin/content and admin/people pages provide simple listings without bulk operations or search filters.
  • taxonomy/term/{taxonomy_term} pages simply display the taxonomy term entity (without any listing of tagged nodes).

Changed and removed pages

The following duplicate paths were removed:

  • admin/content/node
  • admin/people/people

API changes

Removed hooks

  • hook_node_operations()
  • hook_user_operations()

Removed functions

  • aggregator_page_rss()
  • aggregator_page_opml()
  • aggregator_page_sources()
  • format_rss_channel()
  • format_rss_item()
  • node_build_filter_query()
  • node_admin_content()
  • node_admin_nodes()
  • node_admin_nodes_submit()
  • node_feed()
  • node_filters()
  • node_filter_form()
  • node_filter_form_submit()
  • node_multiple_delete_confirm()
  • node_multiple_delete_confirm_submit()
  • node_page_default()
  • taxonomy_term_feed()
  • taxonomy_term_page()
  • taxonomy_select_nodes()
  • user_admin()
  • user_admin_account_submit()
  • user_admin_account_validate()
  • user_filter_form
  • user_filter_form_submit()

Changed functions

  • node_mass_update()

    Drupal 7

    function node_mass_update($nodes, $updates, $langcode = NULL)

    Drupal 8

    function node_mass_update(array $nodes, array $updates, $langcode = NULL, $load = FALSE)

  • user_admin_account() was changed to remove bulk operations.
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