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8.6.x / 8.6.0 18-Feb-2018 Isolate KernelTestBase from Simpletest dependencies
8.6.x / 8.6.0 15-Feb-2018 Core migrations are now categorized to Configuration or Content
8.5.x / 8.5.0 07-Feb-2018 Test Drupal using webDriver
8.5.x 06-Feb-2018 hook_field_widget_multivalue_form_alter() and hook_field_widget_multivalue_WIDGET_TYPE_form_alter() added
8.5.x / 8.5.0 02-Feb-2018 New API to retrieve field properties having translation synchronization enabled
8.6.x 30-Jan-2018 The Field UI's "Manage Display" functionality is replaced by the layout builder UI when layout builder module is enabled
8.5.x / 8.5.0 29-Jan-2018 Merge Component composer.json files to account for them during build
8.5.x 29-Jan-2018 Migrate Drupal UI supports incremental upgrades
8.5.x / 8.5.0 29-Jan-2018 Update versions of core JavaScript dependencies
8.6.x / 8.6.0 27-Jan-2018 Better Greek transliteration
8.6.x / 8.6.0 26-Jan-2018 Entity action plugins replace node's and comment's delete action plugins
8.6.x / 8.6.0 25-Jan-2018 New Profile 'demo_umami' added to Drupal Core
8.6.x / 8.6.0 24-Jan-2018 _system_rebuild_module_data() and co. are replaced by services to give you all available modules and themes
8.6.x / 8.6.0 23-Jan-2018 All serializer encoders + normalizers services are now private
8.7.x / 8.7.0 23-Jan-2018 Drupal 8 support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 will end on March 6, 2019
8.5.x / 8.5.0 20-Jan-2018 New option to hide untranslatable field widgets
8.5.x / 8.5.0 20-Jan-2018 New API to specify whether changes to untranslatable fields should affect only the default revision translation
8.6.x / 8.6.0 19-Jan-2018 Term entity type's "parent" field is now a standard Entity Reference field and the taxonomy_term_hierarchy table has been removed
8.5.x / 8.5.0 18-Jan-2018 Symfony components updated to 3.4.x
8.5.x / 8.5.x 18-Jan-2018 Multi-value base fields in views no longer use an incorrect field name
8.5.x / 8.5.0 15-Jan-2018 Introduce per-bundle permissions for media types in preparation to deprecate existing ones
8.5.x / 8.5.0 14-Jan-2018 REST resources now have a single "GET" route for all supported formats
8.5.x / 8.5.0 13-Jan-2018 It is now possible again to manually set the ID for newly-created entities with string IDs
8.5.x / 8.5.0 13-Jan-2018 Views filters for content moderation state added
8.5.x / 8.5.0 12-Jan-2018 New API to create entity revisions
8.5.x / 8.5.0 12-Jan-2018 Added a way to determine whether a revision was default when it was created
8.5.x / 8.5.0 12-Jan-2018 FormatDate migration process plugin now supports specifying of source and destination timezones
8.5.x / 8.5.0 12-Jan-2018 Require 'source_module' annotation to indicate module responsible for migration
8.5.x 11-Jan-2018 New isAuditable method added to MigrationInterface
8.5.x / 8.5.0 11-Jan-2018 PHPUnit 6 is used for testing on PHP7.2
8.5.x / 8.5.0 10-Jan-2018 New method \Drupal\Core\Config\Config::hasOverrides($key) determines if a configuration object or any of its keys are overridden
8.5.x / 8.5.0 09-Jan-2018 Introduce collection route for media
8.5.x / 8.5.0 09-Jan-2018 Entity action plugins replace node's and comment's save, publish and unpublish action plugins
8.5.x / 8.5.0 08-Jan-2018 Media entities now support contextual links
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 08-Jan-2018 Views exposed filters now support HTML5 placeholder text
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 07-Jan-2018 getSourceFieldValue() method added to MediaSourceInterface
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 07-Jan-2018 ContextDefinitions now able to determine if a given context object will satisfy definition requirements.
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 06-Jan-2018 Inline Form Errors can be disabled for the complete form (#disable_inline_form_error)
8.5.x / 8.5.0 03-Jan-2018 Add new alter hook "hook_field_ui_preconfigured_options_alter()"
8.5.x / 8.5.x 03-Jan-2018 ModuleHandlerInterface allows the deprecation of hooks
8.5.x / 8.5.0 01-Jan-2018 "processed" property of text fields now available in REST
8.5.x / 8.5.x 20-Dec-2017 File entities' HAL+JSON serialization no longer contain the absolute URL by default for their 'uri' field value
8.5.x / 8.5.0 20-Dec-2017 New interfaces added to group methods concerning entity translation and entity revision translation
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 15-Dec-2017 drupal_get_message() and drupal_set_message() replaced by Messenger service
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 15-Dec-2017 When upgrading using the web browser UI, a warning is now displayed if content may be overwritten
8.5.x / 8.5.0-alpha1 15-Dec-2017 New classes for auditing migration ID conflicts
8.5.x 13-Dec-2017 Timezone calculation in datetime views plugins
8.5.x 13-Dec-2017 Date handling is now injected as a separate service to the Views SQL query plugin
8.5.x / 8.5.0 12-Dec-2017 PHPUnit 6+ compatibility layer for \Drupal\Tests\Listeners classes
8.4.x / 8.4.4 12-Dec-2017 getMock() deprecated in \Drupal\Tests\UnitTestCase, \Drupal\KernelTests\KernelTestBase and \Drupal\Tests\BrowserTestBase


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