my website uses bandsintown to bring in the tourdates however the ticketlinks dont work, i have tried many things, its not js, its not the app, its not database, its not the drupal link structure. I have narrowed it down to it being a part of the template as if i change the template the links work, i just cant figure out where on earth the problem is in the code!!! I have been looking through all files but just cant find the sollution.


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u dont have such a node. like going to this link iam getting pagenot found

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Hi, Thats what I mean, if you right click and copy the link it should be but it goes to instead.

It also does the same with it sends it to - the only way round this is by putting a tinyurl link instead temprorily.

I have tried looking in the template files but I am not sure what to look out for.


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Not enough info to help.