Hello - thank you for any help on this:

I have a site that has two taxonomy vocabularies

1) Project Type (ie Television, Web, etc.)
2) Projects (ie CBS, HBO, etc.)

I decided not to set up a standard Parent/Child relationship because Projects can have multiple Project Types (CBS can be both TV and Web).

ALSO - Projects have multiple nodes, so I have a working View that paginates all nodes that share the same Project - that is working.

Where the problem is is I am trying to build a index view where people can see all the projects or filter by Project Type. The index page (I created in Views using a "Taxonomy Term" page) is calling up all Projects and making a grid of their names and an image thumbnail that is in the Taxonomy Term's definition page and then is linking to the View I created for the Project and its nodes.

How do I now filter for "Show me all Projects that have just the tag 'TV'?"

Seems simple, but I am now asking Views to find all Project tags that have nodes that also have the tag TV, but show me it in a list of Project tags, not in a list of the nodes that have both. Or "What Project tagged nodes also have Project Type TV tagged?" and return the answer in a list of Project nodes...

Or am I going about this all wring? Help?

thank you in advance, Don