Download drush-8.x-6.0-rc1.tar.gztar.gz 489.98 KB
MD5: 3e300f58e89e99cc84ef99e9d3394b1c
SHA-1: 15d8cb5522f0282dff2a0e7dda8f80cfc7ac80e9
SHA-256: 72d4e4f9c92a69f9eab9c22ebd39f6e70673f7f1907fff2fd5a6c4d065ccbf16
Download drush-8.x-6.0-rc1.zipzip 608.82 KB
MD5: 59f70a901370b53ccd0b59ccd5b22146
SHA-1: a28c5b864b01ab67be02ed81f7bef7c343af99cf
SHA-256: e24fbe9232d92d28a0ea55d2579adb648d9ece6b839e8fec9d1b20487d6fffca
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/drush:^6.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: moshe weitzman
Created on: 12 Jul 2013 at 22:50 UTC
Last updated: 12 Jul 2013 at 22:51 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 8.x-6.0-beta1:

  • #1979876 by kostajh: Fixed security-only option not used for pm-updatestatus.
  • #2030491 by helmo: quickDrupalCase::testQuickDrupal fails on PHP 5.4
  • #2014519 by helmo, clemens.tolboom: Fixed SQLite test fails due to missing path while restoring database.
  • In drush uli, call remote user-login command with 'integrate' => FALSE to avoid duplicate output.
  • Avoid printing out spurrious DRUSH_BACKEND packets when talking to an older version of drush in 'interactive' mode. Spurrious end-of-line characters remain, but this is still an improvement. (Upgrade the remote drush to get rid of them.)
  • #934472 by c960657, greg.1.anderson | robertDouglass: Fixed memcache is not cleared on 'drush cc theme'.
  • #2027703 by jonhattan: Fixed Drush make --prepare-install doesn't retain chmod values.
  • #2017189 by moshe weitzman: Added Option validation for --backend requests.
  • Stop launching a browser during core-quick-drupal test and speed up that test by adding a few options.
  • #1425866 by Gisle: Fixed 'drush sql-dump --struture-tables' is missing the 'pg_dump() --clean' option.
  • reduce min php version in composer.json
  • #2010042 by clemens.tolboom, helmo: Added Use composer to configure the test environment.
  • Remove from drush.php some ancient config for old core-cli command.
  • Advertise our new wildcard capability in drushrc.php
  • Add --notify to example.drushrc
  • #2020291 by Grayside: Added Move support for desktop notifications into Drush Core.
  • #1959466 by moshe weitzman: Hide key-value and key-value-list output formats.
  • #2025527 by anarcat: Fixed > /dev/ttys000 is evil and killed my cat.
  • #2029493 by helmo: Fixed testBackendMethodPost fails on php 5.4.
  • Rename export outputformat implementation to var_export. Always show json and yaml outputformats in help.
  • #2019059 by jp.stacey, ergonlogic: Fixed phpunit installation documentation needs updating.
  • #1841324 by ergonlogic, greg.1.anderson, anarcat: Requiring php 5.3.5 for Drush is premature.
  • Remove ini, ini-section output formats.
  • #1959466 by moshe weitzman: Rename csv-list outputformat implementation to csv.
  • #698264 by posulliv, scor, juampy, Wim Leers, dalin, greg.1.anderson, moshe weitzman: Added Better handling of structure-tables and skip-tables options (including cache_* support!).
  • Improve help text for --lock and --unlock options.
  • #1245714 by moshe weitzman, greg.1.anderson: Fixed Install profile should not be written to settings.php during site-install for Drupal version 8+.
  • completion scripts should not have a script header
  • Hide the list-separator and line-separator options for outputformat. Mention them in help instead.
  • #1957934 by moshe weitzman: Added Updatedb should support output format.
  • #2005196 by juampy: Wrong logic when merging two site aliases
  • 2013743 by greg.1.anderson: Remove unintended check for --browser before a remote uli dispatch
  • #2012362 by Steven Jones: Added Use fewer subprocess during make.
  • #2012784 by greg.1.anderson | densolis: Fixed Problem with manual upgrade to Drush 6 on Windows XP.
  • #1431972 by dww | webchick: Added Provide visual feedback that drush make is doing something.
  • #1896132 by shrop: Fixed Getting 'No graphical display appears to be available, not starting browser.' error with drush qd (core-quick-drupal).
  • #1896132 by Owen Barton. More informative message when web browser won't start due to bad hostname.
  • #2013743 by moshe weitzman: Added More turbo: Fatal error: Call to undefined function conf_path() in /Users/moshe.weitzman/Dropbox/root/c/h/drush/includes/ on line 783
  • #2013775 by clemens.tolboom: Fixed SQLite test fails due to missing semi-colon.
  • #2011966 by Owen Barton: Added List the php binary drush is using in drush status.
  • 2012784 by greg.1.anderson: Fix quoting problem with conf_dir in drush script
  • #1982502 by Damien Tournoud, greg.1.anderson, anarcat, jhedstrom: Reduce complexity of backend invoke; consider removing concurrency
  • Leave more breadcrumbs so folks find our tests suite and Travis integration.
  • #1982502 by greg.1.anderson, jhedstrom, anarcat | dpearceMN: Fixed Correct minor defects in backend invoke that can cause large output problems.
  • #1874726 by BMDan: Fixed Wrong Drupal root if running Drush inside the D8 'core' directory .
  • #1989280 by spiderman: Fixed git checkout [branch] silently fails, branch given in makefile never checked out.
  • Fixing some logic where the core version was never passed to drush_drupal_sitewide_directory().
  • Fixing some undefined index/variable notices.
  • 1982502 by greg.1.anderson: Go back to using STDERR to output backend packets to avoid 'Headers already sent' messages.
  • Fix test failure in 'Drush dl needs to put files in /modules or /themes, not /sites/all/whatever'
  • #1748228 by greg.1.anderson | Added Error in the PHP config setting of magic_quotes_gpc() prevents diagnosis of the problem through drush core-status.
  • #602182 by Dave Reid, John Morahan: Fixed updatedb should clear cache.
  • Add outputformat support to shell-alias command.
  • Create a --filter grouping for role commands in help
  • #1785060 by Owen Barton: drush site-set autocomplete is not complete
  • Fix spacing.
  • #1785072 by Owen Barton: when site is set, autocomplete doesn't work identical to when using the alias directly
  • Add static cache to autocomplete, to avoid cache misses when detected site/root change after bootstrap.
  • #1999644 by PawelR: Fixed Misleading error message when PHP version is incompatible.
  • #1206340 by joestewart, greg.1.anderson, leewillis77, drzraf, jhedstrom: Added introduce an options array in the root level of the makefile.
  • Removing runserver uri parsing check for IP only syntax.
  • #1912576 by neilnz, Owen Barton: Allow IPv6 literal support in runserver
  • chmod for quick-drupal to allow quicker removal of instances.
  • Fix issue with runserver and the new user-login browser opening.
  • #1936866 by jonhattan: Drush dl needs to put files in /modules or /themes, not /sites/all/whatever.
  • #1996004 by greg.1.anderson: catch exception thrown in sql-conf when database is configured but empty.
  • Fix up site ssh tests to reflect new behavior of ssh command (cd to Drupal root by default)
  • #1993784 by StephenBrown: Why does drush status hide modules/themes paths?
  • Drush ssh command now cd's to Drupal root prior to executing command.
  • Follow-up docs for issue #1991764.
  • #1991764 by Damien Tournoud: Added Support using a distribution as core.
  • #1366098 by clemens.tolboom, RobLoach, greg.1.anderson: Use own copy of Symfony YAML component in YAML output formatter.
  • Typo
  • Follow-up to Issue #1939200 by micahw156, jonhattan: Fixed Drush dl not reading .info.yml files for package contents.
  • Don't define DRUPAL_ROOT for D8 since Drupal does that in now.
  • Follow-up commit to issue #1454534 to use the correct variable name.
  • #1364814 by eiriksm, jonhattan: Added Extend pm-enable to offer downloading the project for missing extensions.
  • #1792550 by RobLoach, jhedstrom, lotyrin: Add composer.json so that Drush can live on Packagist.
  • #1939200 by micahw156, jonhattan: Fixed Drush dl not reading .info.yml files for package contents.
  • #1330218 by JvE, longwave: Added Optimize simpletest jUnit xml output for use in Jenkins.
  • #1982736 by greg.1.anderson and MPD: variable_set should use is_int instead of is_numeric to determine when 'integer' type should be used.
  • #1980834 by greg.1.anderson: 7.x-5.x pm-update --pipe != 8.x-6.x pm-update --pipe : pm-updatestatus needs --format=csv-list to show similar information
  • #1332818 by greg.1.anderson: options added by the drush script must be removed again in drush_adjust_args_if_shebang_script
  • #1957974 by greg.1.anderson: Strict option commands assume unrecognized keys from a site alias belong at the end of the command
  • #1784174 by jonhattan: /bin/uname: Permission denied.
  • #1454534 by jonhattan: Fixed Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  • #1748228 by greg.1.anderson: Simplify code that disables magic_quotes_gpc (c.f. 556e981)


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