Powered by Sun The Drupal association is pleased to announce that Sun Microsystems has made a second hardware donation, a SunFire X4200 (picture), to support the Drupal.org infrastructure. Sun has been active in the Drupal community and recently gave presentations at DrupalCon Barcelona and BADCamp as well as sponsoring both events. At the DrupalCon Barcelona conference, Scott Mattoon attended the scaling the Drupal.org infrastructure session (pdf). Once Sun learned of our challenges in scaling Drupal.org they were eager to help again.

If you are using Sun hardware or Sun products with Drupal please indicate so in the comments below. This will help Sun to identify successful Drupal and Sun implementations and areas where Sun can help the community. For information on Sun's activities with Drupal, check Sun's wiki. There you can learn how Sun is using Drupal on various projects and track status of benchmarks that Sun is in the process of performing, e.g., Drupal on the open source Glassfish application server, Drupal on OpenSolaris and Drupal on Coolstack, Sun's optimized AMP stack.

The Drupal association works on supporting the infrastructure for Drupal.org by raising money, and working with partners like Sun Microsystems and OSUOSL. In the "State of Drupal 2007" survey, 30% of respondents, the second most popular response, said they wanted the association to make sure the Drupal infrastructure would be rightly sized for future growth. In 2007, the Drupal association has added 4 servers to the Drupal infrastructure, as demonstrated in these diagrams (pdf). The new server from Sun will become the source code version control system and network file system server, and allow us to re-use the existing mail server as another web server. If you want to help the Association support the Drupal Community, please consider becoming a member of the Drupal association or make a donation.


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We're running over a dozen drupal installs internally and externally on multiple Solaris 10 zones across 2 Sun Fire 210s and one Netra 4400.

With our purchase of a Thumper (x4500) last week, we'll be free to do all types of interesting things with zones and drupal. It's too bad that the drupal.org infrastructure is Linux based. With all that nice Sun hardware, I'd be using open solaris with zones heavily.

Unfortunatley, our external drupal migration isn't done yet (we're still mambo), but we're using proxy to serve our redesigned drupal instrument pages:

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I like Solaris and Sun HW very much. My congrats to Drupal.org!

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I've bought a Sun Fire x2200 M2 for my dear Drupal sites :)

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I hope some days I can buy such cool server for my sites.

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Is that a dedicated hard drive cooler? Looks nice :D

John Forsythe
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looks nice!

Congracts ....

-- Sree --
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I noticed it this week, they're using Drupal for the OpenOffice.org extensions site: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org

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and seems like Linus were wrong when saying that SUN would just use the OS movement for it's profits.
Thanks to SUN.

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Thanks Sun

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Glad to hear that, thanks sun.

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I run the Startup programme in the UK, as it says Enterprise servers at startup prices, as well as Ent hosting at startup prices and architectural support to help you grow. Im interested in any Drupal users out there, who are looking to scale, work with Sun, require Sun servers from £350...!!!!

Im working on two large scale projects with a customer at present and keen to hear of more in the UK......