This is a sub-issue of #1938580: [META] Make active config save format match the default yml file (order and quotes). Check meta issue for Steps to reproduce and Coding standards

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#2 2013-03-16_163608.png60.56 KBvijaycs85
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I think filter.format.plain_text.yml file looks good. No need to change.

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Guess user roles should be removed for this format as there is no option we can change it? Please refer screenshots:


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Thanks @vijaycs85 for review.

Created patch as per comment.

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Actually, those roles values are needed. We have a test for that, if you tried to remove the roles from filter.format.filter_test.yml, this would fail:

These files are being updated as a part of the much larger #1868772: Convert filters to plugins, I'm closing this as a duplicate.

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Updated issue summary.