Refer to #1895328: Security exploit in plupload external library examples folder, we should remove examples folder in plupload library in order to avoid security risk as stated in PSA-2011-02.

In order to include plupload module into Drupal distribution, e.g. DruStack, we need a patch file for drush make so can remove examples folder by patching the library.


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Patch file for

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Status:Active» Fixed

Thanks. Will link this issue from project's page.

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Status:Fixed» Needs work

Pardon my presumption in setting this back to "needs work"—hopefully I'm the one in error—but I'm attempting to use this patch in a make file, and Drush reports that it's applying it, but the examples directory is still there afterward:

$ dr make my.make --no-core --no-patch-txt --libraries=plupload -y
Make new site in the current directory? (y/n): y
Drush make restricted to the following entries:                             [ok]
Libraries: plupload
plupload downloaded from  [ok]
plupload patched with plupload-1_5_5-remove_examples-1903850-1.patch.       [ok]
$ ls sites/all/libraries/plupload/examples/
bg.jpg  custom.html  dump.php  jquery  upload.php  uploads

Even applying the patch manually (which works, so long as you use patch -p1 ...) leaves behind examples/bg.jpg and examples/uploads.

I'm I missing the obvious, or does the patch not actually work? Or is it a problem with Drush make? Or both?

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Status:Needs work» Active
new2.2 KB

Refer to, patch now created with:

git format-patch HEAD^ -M -C -s -D --keep-subject --stdout > ../plupload-1_5_6-remove_examples-1903850-4.patch

Therefore able to show the rename/delete action and so works for both GIT checkout and -dev.tar.gz package.

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new38.9 KB

So poor that with -D it will not able to apply by patch not git apply:

-D, --irreversible-delete
Omit the preimage for deletes, i.e. print only the header but not the diff between the
preimage and /dev/null. The resulting patch is not meant to be applied with patch nor git
apply; this is solely for people who want to just concentrate on reviewing the text after
the change. In addition, the output obviously lack enough information to apply such a
patch in reverse, even manually, hence the name of the option.

When used together with -B, omit also the preimage in the deletion part of a delete/create

Well... so recreate patch with:

git format-patch HEAD^ -M -C -s --keep-subject --stdout > ../plupload-1_5_6-rm_examples-1903850-5.patch

Therefore sorry that please manually remove the example folder after patch applied ;-)

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Sorry for silly question, but how should line with that patch looks like in my.make file?

This doesn`t work
libraries[plupload][patch][] =

How else ?

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Hopefully my DruStack version can be your reference:

Some code snippet:

libraries[plupload][directory_name] = "plupload"
libraries[plupload][download][type] = "file"
libraries[plupload][download][url] = ""
libraries[plupload][patch][] = ""
libraries[plupload][type] = "library"
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Status:Active» Needs review
new77.93 KB

None of the above patches wok with an archive version of plupload from This works:

projects[plupload_lib][type] = library
projects[plupload_lib][download][type] = get
projects[plupload_lib][download][url] =
projects[plupload_lib][directory_name] = plupload
projects[plupload_lib][patch][] =
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new37.11 KB

Patch for 1.5.7

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new38.78 KB

This should also works for 1.5.7’s picture

new39.12 KB

#9 and #10 did not worked for me.

Here is new patch for 1.5.7

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Perhaps plupload should have a make file itself for the library that includes the patch

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Would like to make a patch but unsure how one does this for a library.

Would I unzip the library and then create a new repository, commit changes, then make changes and use git diff?

Confusing to create a patch for a non-repository... thanks in advance!

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Patch revoke for v1.5.8 GIT from github

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Not going to look into it now, but I wonder if there is a drush issue for removing a directory/files from a download. Not like plupload is the only library in this situation.

edit: drush error => drush issue

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Title:[meta] Patch for remove plupload library examples folder for Drupal distribution» [meta] Patch to remove plupload library examples folder for Drupal distribution

Fixed grammar in title.

Patch confirmed working for us with minimal effort.

libraries[plupload][download][type] = "get"
libraries[plupload][download][url] = ""
libraries[plupload][patch][1903850] = ""
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The patch is now suddenly failing... :S

Unable to patch plupload with plupload-1_5_8-rm_examples-1903850-16.patch.

Hm.. i think it always failed.. however we removed --force-complete from the drush command so now we notice :(

Nope it worked a few days ago :S
Our log message from 2015-01-09:
>> plupload-7.x-1.7 downloaded.
>> Found makefile: plupload.make
>> plupload downloaded from[0m
>> plupload patched with plupload-1_5_8-rm_examples-1903850-16.patch.

However the 'examples' directory is still there in /sites/all/libraries/plupload/examples :') Great patch.

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new38.02 KB

Here's another patch for 1.5.8

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new29.84 KB

Patch to remove examples folder for plupload v2.1.8.