When Media Gallery is enabled, it replaces the taxonomy_term_page callback on the taxonomy/term/% path so it can present a better page for galleries. This prevents any module from overriding this callback, and it's a common thing to do with Views or Panels.

This patch adds a dependency on page_manager so that media gallery's callback is replaced only when nothing else will. If you use Panels to override your taxonomy term pages (the term_view task), you'll want to add selection criteria so that the media gallery collection list can run when the term is in the gallery collections vocabulary.

I am not expecting this patch to get in, but the way this feature is implemented now required me to build a work around.


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Thank you very much for that patch!

I am still hustling with that module. I try to make it work in a bootstrap theme views panels invironment and it's so lame... it's a shame. Messing with taxonomy terms, terrible CSS etc...

Does anybody here know an alternative to Media Gallery?

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I'd say to take it one step further and get rid of the custom vocabulary altogether.

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There was a similar issue in Drupal Commons distro and I took this fix from there. I have a number of sites that use this and don't want to have to fix each one... just the one that page_manager will be overriding.

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Realized that I need to able to display the galleries list when page manager is overriding /taxonomy/term/% so I added a simple ctools plugin.

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Hi zipymonkey!

Your patch (#5 ) solved the problem for me, thanks!

( the problem was: Panels taxonomy/term/%TID could not be enabled )