Since the primary links have the "expanded" option, it might seem to "not work" for the end user as the primary links can be displayed either as a block, and in that case the primary links are shown in their complete hierachical relation, or as a theme element where it doesn't work since only the first level of menu is shown. It however works when the menu is selected. There is no quick hack possible since the "primary links" are generated by, not the module menu.


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Version: 6.x-dev » 7.x-dev
Category: feature » bug

Agreed. With a quick search I found many people with this problem. I think that we should either allow primary menu items to be expanded or remove the option through the UI.

This could be considered a usability issue, but I will keep it as a menu component as I feel it is a better fit there.

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+1 for option removal from that place, we need to have a non-expanding menu-block instead.

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I think there is a better solution.. I think that instead, we should allow expanding on primary menus.. if we want to take it one step further, lets add a dropdown menu system to core themes (of course with the option to turn on/off). It seems like this is an extremely requested feature, and with the little css/js it requires, it is almost so crazy not to.

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I like version #3

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This is a long-time usability bug, also for the styling of menus:

a. theme primary links do not show child menu items in an "expandible" fashion, but have granular <li class="..."> classes for deep styling
b. block primary links support expandible child items, but have generic classes that do not help designers get what they want

(just google a bit about "style drupal menu" to see yourself)

A really useful module to fix this is the Menu Block module - - but do we really need to install an extra module to get there?

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This is indeed confusing. Subscribing.

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needs work imo, there's no reason why the primary links block or ANYTHING in Drupal should be so difficult to customize.

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Version: 7.x-dev » 8.x-dev

I'm thinking this has to be pushed on to 8.

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Yes, this is a recurring issue for years. Subscribing.

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I think this has the best chance of fixing this if anyone wants to take on the necessary changes.

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