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SHA-256: 9b3ec50fca691fe8717413f124e2cf3a8ccfdbaea3cdaf18810a7ba66adaaaeb
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SHA-256: ef980c7ec232eef500e681188e282bb6e16ae1d8aa0d32fad4472eeb51e241ff
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SHA-1: 393ee651c35b5f3cf609d0050f877af4fd43f229
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SHA-256: 8324781071ba52241678ef36f2ea4c07354f5078a69c2963b2307c022101dbe7
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MD5: a436f891e8304760cbd8ca9c3e1e22af
SHA-1: 2e1092b0dc8c444b31201b0382292d94ad62f000
SHA-256: 0c4eff2226cde0cac51f040414e7fe8c9c2bd5966b7d0ea1ec54aaaac2219125
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MD5: 53667c2257fac4ea6173e0f67b1aeb28
SHA-1: 4720ed0a1066fec0b3caf760c8f4ddcfdc1cc2a0
SHA-256: 717aa1556ef47f63ff00dac6fb82465d42bd9f5633239cd2274c830b99c198f9

Release info

Created by: bojanz
Created on: 17 Sep 2012 at 14:48 UTC
Last updated: 17 Sep 2012 at 15:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This is the first Kickstart release recommended for production usage.
From now on, upgrading is supported to next 7.x-2.x releases.

- Updated views, http_client, mimemail, message_notify, token, taxonomy_menu, inline_entity_form, views_bulk_operations, commerce_features, commerce_migrate, commerce_discount, omega_kickstart.
- Now uses Crumbs instead of the "Custom Breadcrumbs" and "Taxonomy Breadcrumbs" modules.
- Greatly improved admin theme.
- Many bugfixes.

Changes since 7.x-2.0-beta2:

  • Update product features.
  • Update Inline Entity Form to 7.x-1.0-rc1
  • #1722028 by GuGuss, Haza, vasike: New filter - Product Display has taxnomy terms. ReBuilt the Products view
  • #1762200 by openskymap, jacks0_0, bojanz, vasike: Disable the AutoSKU without emptying the pattern. Use the AutoSKU dev version which includes the fix.
  • #1772174 by deep-silver: Fixed Commerce Kickstart help dependencies.
  • Make the search block visible again, hide the real breadcrumb when the current search breadcrumb is shown.
  • #1774138 by joshmiller: Taxes needs better Help Text.
  • #1781002 by idflood: Fix hardcoded limit of 20 in quantityWidgetSpinner.
  • #1772096 by openskymap, vasike: Increase maximum function nesting level for xdebug
  • #1757070 reported by SanFeda : Checkout panes reordering issue
  • #1782076 by guy_schneerson: Fixed CommerceKickstartSameSearch Missing argument.
  • Remove committed search_api_ranges patch, update commerce_features.
  • Update Commerce Discount to alpha1, don't enable the usage submodule by default because it still needs work.
  • Update omega_kickstart, token, taxonomy_menu, views_bulk_operations, commerce_migrate.
  • Use omega kickstart in dev version.
  • standardizing border style to all vbo filters, fixing found overlay bug
  • #17784724 by vasike: Fix Search API Ranges Alterations errors for No demo store
  • #1777234 by Bojhan: Fixing search, tabs, VBO field, Attributes, help page, and table header styles
  • #1763632 by bojanz, theo_, vasike: Increase the minimum php memory limit for system requirements
  • Removing gradient from install fieldsets
  • Simplify the 'no demo store' product type (remove size, color, autosku).
  • Start rewamping commerce_kickstart with new omega_kickstart (cleanup code, implementing Sass also).
  • #1777234 by Bojhan: fixing installer fieldset legends, installer button wrapper, help page arrows, text field background, and variation border
  • Remove committed Commerce patch.
  • #1777234 by Bojhan: Styling select boxes, checkboxes, radios, and making browser-specific adjustments
  • #1777234 by Bojhan: updating scss files to reflect css properly, adding styles for header text, tabs, and overlay container
  • #1722106 by GuGuss, honucreative, vasike: Enable the Addressbook for Customer profiles for both Demo & No demo content. Shipping Copy option enabled. Strongarm variables moved to Commerce Kickstart User module.
  • Clean up settings exported via strongarm.
  • Fix overridden Block and Product features.
  • #1757066 reported by SanFeda : "Manage billing address" still shown
  • #1773812 by openskymap, bojanz, vasike: Fix Title translation for Checkout pane settings page
  • Update views, http_client, mimemail, message_notify.
  • Clean up the profile dependencies.
  • Replace custom_breadcrumbs and taxonomy_breadcrumb modules with the crumbs module.
  • Fix link on ad push (homepage) that were truncated if [domain][url] where too long.
  • #1763734 reported by jo_kasper : disable google at the oauthconnector bring up 500
  • Remove the Jirafe patch that is already applied in the Dev version.
  • Revert "Update Jirafe module to the beta1 version."
  • Update Jirafe module to the beta1 version.
  • Fix Backoffice commerce orders quick edit theming.
  • #1751722 reported by Jumoke : Register link on Login page (Access Denied)
  • moving css and template files into folders, adding scss, updating info and template files to new paths
  • #1750198 by lsolesen: Change reference from 7.14 to 7.x
  • #1678128: Mobile theme navigation links.
  • Fix admin theming on Firefox.

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