Last updated 18 September 2007.

Aug 20, 2007 marked the end of the 2007 Google Summer of Code. Below is a table of this year's students, their projects, along with links to download and (where available) try them out. Please help test and provide feedback!

Please note too that we'll be having a Summer of Code wrap-up call on Sunday, Aug 26 from 11AM - 2PM Pacific (US) time, for students to talk about their projects, share lessons learned, etc.

Student Project Description See it in action!
Allister Beharry (allisterbeharry) Drupal Automated Staging Toolkit DAST is a set of build projects, tasks and other extensions created on the Phing framework for automating a wide variety of Drupal deployment and staging scenarios.
Christopher P. Bradford (bradfordcp) BitTorrent This module provides both a Torrent node type and a BitTorrent tracker. demo
Kyle Cunningham (CitizenKane) Public/Private file handling A comprehensive public versus private file handling solution. demo
Balazs Dianiska (snufkin) Drawing API This module equips Drupal with a syntax similar to FAPI to create graphics, plots, charts etc and include an SVG toolkit to display these graphics. demo
Gartheeban Ganeshapillai (garthee) Universal Link Filter A package of modules to restructure to implement the auto-completion through AJAX and refining the way filtering is done. demo
Scott Hadfield (hadsie) Scalability and Load Testing Provide techniques for identifying bottlenecks in the Drupal project, and enhancing scalability.
Matthias Hutterer (mh86) Taxonomy Manager The aim of this project is to provide an additional administration interface for managing taxonomy terms. demo
Gábor Hojtsy (Gábor Hojtsy) Localization server Provides a community localization editor, which allows people from around the world to collaborate on translating projects to different languages, especially for Drupal. video
Maxim Khitrov (VokinLoksar) XMPP API (XMPP aka Jabber) interface for Drupal demo
Blake Lucchesi (blucches) Fuzzy Search This module provides drupal sites with a fuzzy search engine to allow for broader keyword matches. demo
Benjamin Melançon (Benjamin Melançon) Community Managed Taxonomy Community-managed taxonomy (CMT) opens categorization of content to the site's community. Users can influence both what terms nodes are tagged with and how these terms are themselves organized. demo
Andrew Morton (drewish) Metrics module and Project Usage module The metrics.module computes a properties to determine numeric "quality" values for nodes so that projects can be rated. The project_usage.module tracks requests from the update_status.module (5.x) and update.module (6.x) to determine which projects and releases are being used. demo
Aron Novak (Aron Novak) FeedAPI Feed API aggregates feeds on a Drupal website by generating items or nodes from feeds. It also provides an API that lets other modules easily do aggregation-like tasks. video
Anthony Oliver (xamox) Extend Case tracker module Make Case Tracker Module more like a project manager. demo
Jakob Perz (hideout) Ebay Integration Module This module will integrate Drupal's ecommerce solution with Ebay.
Jakob Petsovits (jpetso) Version Control API, CVS backend for Version Control API, Version Control / Project Node integration Decouple the Project module from the CVS module and move CVS specifics into an RCS independent API. demo
Amila Sampath (lucksy) Light Fantastic Theme New theme for Drupal. demo
Klaas Van Waesberghe (instromaniac) Deco Theme New theme for Drupal. demo
Will White (diggersf) SMS Framework SMS Framework includes a driver based API that can be extended to work with common SMS service providers and integrated into Drupal core and contributed modules.

On a personal note, it's been fantastic to see how each of you have grown from your humble beginnings to become contributors to the Drupal project. You should all be very proud! :D I sincerely hope that you all will remain involved within the community, and will continue to put work into your projects now that SoC is over, to make them even more awesome. :)


JohnForsythe’s picture

Looking forward to seeing Metrics/Project Usage module going live on!

John Forsythe
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I'd like to thank everyone involved in this year's SoC! As always, the results are really, truly impressive!

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Keep up the good work!


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Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful contributions. I'm looking forward to trying out a few modules later on when I'm not swamped with my current site development.

Keep up the excellent work and, again, thanks for contributing to the Drupal community. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Just wanted to say thanks to all the developers and mentors that put work into these projects.


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Amazing work guys - it is awesome how many high-quality projects were devised and completed within such a short time period. Many thanks to the coders and mentors.’s picture

Impressive results. Thanks everyone.
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really interesting!