With the move to a sidebar with accordion we noticed a few issues around menu creation. These problems where encountered by a few of our participants and where also found in earlier tests. We identified the following three issues, we might break these up more as we work on this issue.

1) Parent item is largely misunderstood, people are not familiar with the concept of a “parent” they are placing something under. Occasionally they choose “Home” to place the menu item next to that item, rather than beside.

2) Main menu is not necessarily the menu option people expect, especially when adding the content from the “Navigation” menu they expect to be able to place a link there - rather than in the top part of the page.

3) Weight is a true DrupalWTF, for participants in the usability test we did that touched on this. It is not clear that this controls, where in the menu an item shows up - and when they uncover you can do this by weight, they are often surprised. Even when they read the small help blurb, they often fail to get the menu item to show up after “Home” and require a few tries.

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I've given this some though and mocked something up:

Mockup speculating on an improved menu settings ui for the create content screen

It’s a start, addressing the most obvious issues:

Weight is removed, as is the very long select list with all menus and children. Workflow is now: 1) enable creation of menu item, 2) choose link text, 3) choose a menu to add it to. Then if desired, click 'configure', which opens a modal (or something?) with Core's existing Menu editing UI, complete with drag-to-reorder.