Google Summer of Code 2012 banner

We are thrilled to announce that Google will be sponsoring 13 Drupal projects for Summer of Code 2012. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Google, who are investing over $72,000 in the Drupal project.

As always, we had many more projects that we would have liked to accept than we were able to. The mentoring team deliberated fiercely over the past two weeks, and arrived at the final acceptance list.

Drupal will benefit from microdata support for contrib field types, help topic module for documentation team, sales reports integration for drupal commerce, materialization plugin support for views, search api statistics etc.

If you would like to keep up to date on Summer of Code happenings, would like to volunteer to help test students' projects, and/or would like to help students as they find their way in our community, please join the SoC 2012 working group and help out in whatever ways you can.

Here's to another great summer! :)

Application Student Mentors
Auto Tagging Articles using Semantic Analysis/ Topic Modelling Arjun Kapur Matt Chapman
Enhancing Feedback module (D7) Manu Chaudhary Alex Weber
Enhancing Secure Code Review Module Udit Jaggi Michael Hess
Extend microdata support to contrib field types Anca Dumitrache Lin Clark
Help Topic module for the Drupal Documentation Team and for the help system temaruk Jennifer Hodgdon
Improving RESTful Web Services Sebastian (sepgil) klausi
Materialization Plugin for Views Dhruv Baldawa Janez Urevc
Phone / SMS / VoIP integration with Drupal Commons nitech Leo Burd
Port Og_panels to D7 and Improve Message notify to make it the source of email notifications sanjay rohila ezra-g
Preparing Menu Block Module for Drupal 8 Core Chad Whitman Dave Reid and John Albin Wilkins
Sales Reports for Drupal Commerce Christophe Van Gysel Daniel Wehner
Search API Statistics Michael Timofejev Thomas Seidl
Translation Management Tools Server Sebastian Siemssen Miro Dietiker


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"test students' projects" is correct, because the possessive apostrophe after "students" is referring to the projects belonging to the students, not the projects belonging to the student.

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Looking forward for microdata commerce integration!