Is there any good site that I can buy drupal theme? I need something unique, so I don't want to use free for this project.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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I can create custom themes for a nominal fee. Hit me up at if you are interested. If you want a whole package for drupal hosting, theming and management, go to

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I offer you another great site where you can buy the theme for drupal --

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Hi there,

The one you mentioned above any evidence or more details why you rate best! my small business needs a very unique page layout to grab the customer attention and motivate to get enrolled. I am ready to buy premium themes with no hassles and online support if requested.

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Just want to add my site,

My site sells drupal themes and drupal modules, also accepting custom drupal themes development, custom drupal module development and psd to drupal theme converting service.

Drupalstore admin

if you can use drupal why use others?

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You can buy drupal themes at, prices are pretty low, and themes have a lot of settings

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I would gladly pay good money for professional looking themes as messing around with CSS for hours on end and trying them out in IE7 8 9 etc drives me crazy. I'd say my number one problem with drupal is lack of professional themes. Clients want to change this and that after we've agreed on a theme!! How much, well $50 to $100 probably. I realize that this is not going to be a one off custom job and not a lot of money for someones hard work but sell it 10 or 100 times and you'd be happy I suppose.

Biggest problem I've encountered is getting drop down menus to work across all the browsers.


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All our themes support the Superfish module which makes dynamic menus very easy to add to any site. They're also all re-colorable (color module support).

Our themes are really designed to be quite simple and highly flexible, rather than going for a particular subject or type - they're more generic and easy to modify for your own purpose, but which are perfectly usable and look good strait out of the box. All themes are built on Adaptivetheme so have full layout control (page width, sidebar width, sidebar position), font family settings and many other theme settings + usually around 28 regions.

The pricing is modest. After a long time of assessing the market and many years building Drupal themes we have worked out how to deliver highly flexible themes at a modest price - this is actually not easy to do, even Drupal 7 themes take a lot of time to build and test. Our main compromise has been backward compatibility - we use a lot of CSS3, HTML5 and ms-filters to provide support for IE. This has the advantage of making the themes very light and easy to modify.

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At you can find our constantly expanding library of carefully crafted, commercial Drupal 6 & 7 themes. In addition to paying extreme attention to design, functionality and ease of use, we are also incorporating a well-defined use-case scenario to each of our themes. We believe it shows in our theme description pages, as well as on the corresponding live demos.

Furthermore, as part of our constant effort to get more and more quality themes available to Drupal, we are also porting famous free WP themes and share them with the community via You can view demos of those or suggest what you would like us to port to Drupal next, via:

Last but not least, although we’re dealing with many projects, we are determined to always keep things as personal, friendly and simple as possible. For any question, idea or need that might pop up, just feel welcome to drop us a line :-)

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Website Megadrupal is best choice. I like it.

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I buy from - same assortment as on templatemonster but with 10% off. Best choice.

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Please check out our website:

It has a huge collection of Drupal 7 themes from various categories: news, commerce, photography, business, review etc ...

And you will be upgraded for free when Drupal 8 versions of these themes released.

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I would be keen to take it but need evidence of your credentials of themes being sold.

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I prefer which is an exclusive marketplace site for selling and buying Drupal professional themes. Forty plus free themes are there (including Drupal 8). Paid themes are appealing and competitive in price.

Sivaji J.G,
Solution Architect, KnackForge, buy qualified Drupal Themes.