I finished translating all the pt-pt language. But, some of the strings doesn't appear even when I know they are on the file.


Install Portuguese as a language and import the locale-module.po (from de CVS), if you see the file, there will be a translation there for:

<p>This page allows you to import a translation provided in the gettext Portable Object (.po) format. The easiest way to get your site translated is to grab an existing Drupal translation and to import it. You can obtain translations from the <a href=\"%url\">Drupal translation page</a>.</p>

which is:

<p>Esta página permite-lhe importar uma tradução no formato gettext Portable Object (.po). A forma mais fácil de ter o seu site traduzido é obter uma tradução já existente do Drupal e importá-la. Poderá obter traduções na página de <a href=\"%url\">traduções do Drupal</a>.</p>

But unfurtunatelly after importing the file the English string is still there (in two sites!)... :( Other strings were imported correctly.

Does anyone knows why this is happening?

All the help pages are suffering exactly from the same problem... :(




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Don't know if this is any help on this problem but here it goes...

The string I refered above is referenced on the .po file as:


When I export the strings from the database it also has this reference, but, in addition, it contains a copy of the same string that has this reference:


I tried so change manually the reference on the file, but the problem continues... :(

All the other strings giving trouble are also on the same format:



Could this be related because I'm importing the individual .po files and not the big pt-pt.po file? Does the big pt-pt .po file contains more information? I do this because I get a time-out value from my server if I try to import the big one...

But looking inside it, I don't see any extra information that could lead to this problem...

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Ok, by comparing with the Japanese file I arrrived to the conclusion my file was a bit outdated.

Just used poEdit to merge the changes with my old file and voila, everything was solved! ;)

Miguel Duarte

Webmaster of: Lisbon Guide & Love Poems