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The Community Media Checklist shows you how many of the components of Community Media installations are successfully configured on your site and suggests the next steps to a full configuration.

Configuring Community Media Checklist

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enable Configuration Checklist in the “COMMUNITY MEDIA” section.

Activating the Community Media Checklist

  1. Navigate to configuration
  2. Enter your Drupal ID.

New users create an account on account.
Existing user navigate to their user page to find your Drupal ID.

Following the Community Media Checklist

Go to

The Checklist has brief descriptions of each component, including links to module pages on and relative Installation complexity.

The modules are listed in order of recommended install, though many other permutations are possible.

Checklist items are color coded:

  • Blue - Not yet configured
  • Green – Successfully configured
  • Yellow – Potential issue
  • Red – Security issue

Community Media Checklist Screen shot

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


jdcreativity’s picture

Should Configuration Checklist share the same language as the Starter Kit WIki or Vice Versa?

The Checklist contains (Low -> Medium -->Moderate -->Difficult ) yet the wiki/starter kits contain (Easy -> Medium -> Hard).

I am placing these notes here for now.

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Fixed with this commit

PLEASE add issues that require an update to a module as an issue to module's queue. Even if it's the wrong queue, the issue can be moved. It is also easier to track the status of an issue. Comments do not have a status.

When you are adding comments to documentation pages there are several notes including...

Be aware that comments are removed after page edits are made.

jdcreativity’s picture

I was trying to verify these changes were commit worthy before adding to the issue queue.

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While listed in the Starterkit wiki, there actually isn't a D7 version of the Creative Commons module. Therefore this module is not bundled in the easy starterkit although it is listed in the Checklist as well as the Starterkit.

jdcreativity’s picture

Unlike Creative Commons, PBCore does have a D7 version, but I checked through the ftp and it was not bundled in the Starter Kit install. Can anyone else verify this?