I would like to suggest splitting exposed filters and exposed sort.

Placing sort inside a seperate block or being able to attach it before a view page display. In my opinion this would greatly improve user experience.

Maybe this couid be made optional?


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Would also like this feature or find out how to do it

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+1 for this functionnality.

In my own use case :

  • I use a view to render search api results
  • I've a fulltext exposed filter which is located on top of each pages
  • I would be very pleased to have a block with exposed sorts on search results page, located in a sidebar

I'll crosspost on Views issues list, since this is more Views related (I tought it was a views issue here...)

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In fact, you can separate those blocks quite easily :

  1. define all your filters and sorts in your view page, and expose them
  2. duplicate the page display inside the view, do not change the path, pages must use the same path
  3. now, use templates to reduce the display to what you want and/or use CSS to hide filters or sorts
  4. et voilà!
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@tahiticlic Seems like a brilliant solution (thought not so elegant). Is there any chance this would cause any performance issues?

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So I figured out a problem with the "solution" in #3. When one exposed filter is used from one view display and then the other is used from the second display, all of the filters selected from the first display are forgotten in favor of the latter.

Now is appears that this problem is only happening when the sort order or the items per page are changed by one of the exposed filter. As long as you only stick to changing filter criteria it seems like this is working alright. I have tested with and without AJAX enabled and with limited testing it appears that there are more issues with AJAX, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, it would be nice to see this in Views, but it is likely a views issue rather than a Better Exposed Filters issue. I'm looking for potential duplicate issues and I may come back and reassign this issue depending on what I find.

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Potential duplicate issues:

#1337580: How to split the exposed filters to separate blocks?
#1420332: How to separate exposed filters and sort? - I like the panels solution used here assuming it works. My initial test has not been successful.

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I find the sort exposed filters in views to be very unintuitive. It would be great to be able to split them and have a more traditional exposed search filter, and then a sort filter as a separate block.

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Title: Seperate exposed sort from from exposed filterblock » Separate exposed sort form from exposed filter block

See #1337580-9: How to split the exposed filters to separate blocks? for a sandbox module that tries to solve this problem.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)
Issue tags: -exposed sort

Issue queue cleanup... My apologies for taking so long to address this issue!

Sorry, but this is beyond the scope of BEF. It would be better if Views were to provide separate blocks for each of these items -- then all Views-related modules could benefit from it. And it sounds like there is a possible solution in #8 (thanks for adding that, @berliner!), so I'm closing this as won't fix.

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The solution I used is MultiBlock.

  1. Download and enable MultiBlock
  2. Create the exposed form view block in Views as usual
  3. Create an extra instance of that exposed form with MultiBlock
  4. Edit that instance with template or form_alter hooks (or CSS but thats not the preferred way to go of course).

And your done!

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The mefibs (More exposed forms in blocks) module does this very well.