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Views display extender that provides logic and UI for additional exposed form blocks, so as to have multiple blocks with exposed form elements on the same page. Exposed filters can be assigned to either the default block or to any other configured block. Multiple assignments are possible.
Also, extra elements like e.g. exposed sorting and exposed items per page can be assigned to different blocks. Using the block configuration page the blocks can then be positioned independently on different pages and/or different regions.

A rationale for the chosen approach can be found in this blog post.

This module solves a problem that is currently only addressed in form of a workaround as described here for example: Split a Views Exposed Form into Multiple Blocks

Works well with:

Better Exposed Filters

Known incompatibilities:

Views Exposed Groups, see #2128341: Compatability with Views Exposed Groups


Currently working on a stable version for D7.
Also a D8 version is in work. You can already check it out from the git repo.


D7: Enable the module.
D8: Enable the module. Go to views advanced settings and enable Mefibs as display extender. The D8 version is currently broken, if you want to give a helping hand, that's appreciated.

Create or edit a view and enable "Exposed form in block" (under the "EXPOSED FORM" tab). Note that this option is only available for page displays.
You should now see a new Item "Exposed form blocks" where additional blocks can be configured.
Now exposed filters, sort items, items per page and offset can be assigned to one or more blocks. Configuration is done wherever the exposed settings of the item in question is handled.

There is a nice little introduction with some screenshots here: Weekly Module Review - #4 MEFIBS


This module is still in development, so use with caution. The D7 version is already in use in a production site.

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