I've been having some trouble on one of my drupal sites for the last weeks, first the contact form stopped working Won't send any mails. Then all mail sent from my site stopped working and i just keep getting the error message "Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists."

I've searched around for a solution but can't find anything on how to solve this. I'm using a email address with the same domain name as my site.


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Could you tell me what web hosting company you are using?

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I am asking about your web hosting because I had a similar problem with GoDaddy.com.

I inadvertently overwrote the .htaccess file in the root of my website. This file contains a GoDaddy specific command that relays all e-mails through GoDaddy's own servers. They do this to prevent spammers from using GoDaddy's clients websites to relay their emails. No e-mail goes out of your GoDaddy account unless you send the e-mails through GoDaddy's spam filters.

What surprised me was that I have a Dedicated Server account on GoDaddy but they still blocked my outgoing e-mails. It looks like they catch outgoing e-mails via their firewalls.

Overwriting the .htaccess can happen if you are doing a Drupal core upgrade as Drupal has its own .htaccess.

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I'm on a privately owned server, i will check out my .htaccess file, might be something there.

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I was looking for solution to the mail problem and came accross your post. I think i'm facing a similar kind of problem. My drupal website is hosted on GoDaddy server. But whenever i submit a webform or request for a new password, no emails are being received though on website it shows "further instructions on your email id".

I actually transferred all the files of my project via ftp so after reading your post i feel might be the case that .htaccess got overridden. So how should i solve mail problem now and how can i get the original .htaccess of GoDaddy server? And after retaining the original .htaccess will it effect my site by any means because drupal has its own .htaccess, then we won't be keeping it and will have the .htaccess by GoDaddy server.

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Error message
"Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists."

E-mail's are received only from same domain email address e.g. user@mydomain.com. No other domain email id is accepted in contact form.

Is there any solution?

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having the same problem even though my email server works (password reset for example works perfectly). Does anybody know a solution to this problem?

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I get the "Unable to send e-mail. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists" after cron and updates, but everything else seems to work. I checked the settings.php and the site configuration, to ensure the admin email was on my domain.

The client's site is on Bluehost, as is my personal site. I've checked the PHP modules for mail modules (Pear PHP via cPanel) and I've checked sendmail.

It is a new error, but I can't think of any modules that would have done this. However, Bluehost did update their CentOS servers in the last few weeks.

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