Strictly speaking, this could be not a issue for this module (I'm sorry if this is WAY off topic) but I have noticed that in some of the files in this module, there is a placeholder for __description__ which is not available as an option in the default field_image D7 widget.

Can anyone provide a description / route / map on the possibility of adding this extra input field to any given image so there is a way of adding the alternate text, the title and a description of the image (used sometimes as a caption)…?

Many thanks for the advice.


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The "description" text still exists, but only when inserting a file from a File field (as opposed to an Image field). There isn't any way that I know of to add a description to an Image field currently. I think is the best option for the future, but I don't think it is fully baked as of now.

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Title: ALT, Title and Description » ALT, Title and Description - add extra input field
Category: task » feature
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