Insert module for Drupal 8

Insert is a utility that makes inserting images and links to files into text areas or WYSIWYGs much easier by adding a simple JavaScript-based button to file and image fields. Images may be inserted using any image style preset.

Drupal 7


  • Support for all major WYSIWYG editors, including tinyMCE, CKeditor, the WYSIWYG project (the recommended approach), and plain text areas.
  • Insert images using any of your image styles.
  • Maximum width setting for inserted images (for combined use with the Image Resize Filter module).
  • Per-field insert configuration.

Drupal 8

Rewritten for Drupal 8 by H. Snater.

Currently, only CKEditor is supported. Please create issues / support respective issues to push development.

New features

  • Rotation controls may be added to the widget user interface.
  • Added an image effect mock named Link (Insert). Applying this image effect to an image style will link the image inserted using the Insert button to the original image. That allows outputting preview images a JavaScript gallery can easily be attached to in the front-end while retaining equivalent non-JavaScript functionality.

See module documentation on how to configure the module.

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