I am looking for a way in which to play a video in Drupal 7
First of all, I'll say what I do NOT want!
I DON'T want to view Youtube, Vimeo or any other video from any video hosting website!
I DON'T want to have to subscribe (either for payment or for free) to a third party file hosting or media translation provider!
I DON'T want to just have a hyperlink on my Drupal web page which links to an application which plays the video!

What I do want is something which will enable me to have a video file stored on my server (say at sites/default/files/videos)
and then, either by defining a new field in a content type, or by using an editor such as Wysiwyg or CK-Editor to include the video file on my node, and then having saved it to display my Drupal webpage with a video displayed in it in the same way as in http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/7860-drupal-cookbook-for-new-drupallers and many other sites including youtube!

A friend, who chose to use Joomla instead of Drupal, tol me that all he needs to do is to enter a short statement in curly braces into his content editor, and there he has a video playing with Flowplayer.

Looking for Flowplayer in Drupal I found a tutorial video telling me how to edit the php code in my theme files in order to use flowplayer. I don't know whether this tutorial was for Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 but the files I was told to modify didn't exist on my system! and I don't think I want to go down that road anyway - it wasn't clear where it would lead.

I then looked at the Video module which said it could use flowplayer, so I downloaded and installed all the modules I needed for that. It was only in configuring it that I discovered I had to subscribe to Amazon S3 to host my videos and to AWS SDK to perform file format translation. There seemed to be no way to play videos which were stored on my own site in the correct format.

I then looked at the 'Media module' which claims to cope with al types of media including picture, audio, video etc. but having installed all the modules for that I still need to install a media player to play the files.
I have installed jPlayer, Flowplayer and videojs and none of them seem to work!
Can you help PLEASE!


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The module at http://drupal.org/project/flowplayer , is just an API for FlowPlayer. In Drupal, unlike Joomla, thjere are no "awesome" modules that do cool work without other modules. Views requires Ctools, Media: Youtube requires Media, Rules requires Entity API, etc.

That theme functions in Flowplayer is NOT required. That's to embed videos in PHP. Other modules, such as Embed Media Field makes use of FloaPlayer without PHP.
There was a module to embed Flowplayer with a token you put in a text area but couldn't find it.

// Ayesh

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I appreciate that Drupal needs modules which need modules which need modules.....which need modules! which is why, to get the Media module installed I have had to install Chaos Tools, Wysiwyg, CK-Editor (library), File Entity, Flowplayer API, IMCE, jPlayer, VideoJS, oEmbed Core, Entity Type, Entity Tokens, File Types .... and many more!!!

After installing all those modules, If I go to add a new field either in a content type or a file type, I get a choice of field types which include the usual numeric and text types plus 'file' and 'Multimedia Asset' I read (or saw in a video tutorial) that 'Multimedia Asset' is left over from previous versions and should not be used, which leaves 'file' as my only choice! which gives me a choice foe Widget type between 'file' and 'media file selector'

I discovered that I should install the 'embedded media field' module which would give me 'Embedded Image field', 'Embedded Video field' and 'Embedded Audio Field'

So, I installed the 'Embedded Media Field' module only to discover that 'Embedded Image field', 'Embedded Video field' and 'Embedded Audio Field' were no longer included! I should instead install one of a list of individual modules such as 'Media: Facebook', Media: Flickr', 'Media: Vimeo', 'Media: Youtube' etc. etc. etc.......

...which brings me back to square one!!!!!
To repeat: I DO NOT want to view videos from Youtube, Vimeo or any other video or file hosting website. I just want to be able to view a video which is stored on my own server !

Surely, it's not too much to ask!!!

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We currently are going to cut over to Drupal this spring, I was faced with the video player as well for .f4v files.

What I did was to take the code from the FMS Server and put it in a menu system.

This got me going, plus it plays in your page, the video code from the FMS is the source file. We have a separate video server where all of the vod files are stored.

Hope this helps.

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OK! I've got a solution!
I Think I fell into the trap, which is so easy with Drupal, which was to find a module which does most of what I needed, and a lot of what I didn't need - found I needed other modules to get those modules to work - add more modules to get it closer to what I need - and so on. Like Topsy, It just growed!!

I started from the beginning again and looked at the Flowplayer API module, and at the Flowplayer website, and discovered that all I need is a few lines of code from each!

On the Flowplayer website is a simple web page (you can download the source code) which includes the following lines:

		<!-- this will install flowplayer inside previous A- tag. -->
			flowplayer("player", "../flowplayer-3.2.7.swf");

The web page also includes a call to the flowplayer Javascript routine in the head section, which at first I thought was a problem until reading the description of the Flowplayer API module I read "The flowplayer_add() function will add the Flowplayer JavaScript to the page, as well as register the Drupal JavaScript behaviors to load the Flowplayer appropriately."
So, by adding the following few lines of PHP the link to the Flowplayer script is inserted in header of the page:

$video = '<a href="http://pseudo01.hddn.com/vod/demo.flowplayervod/flowplayer-700.flv" id="player" 
 flowplayer_add('#player', array(  
  'clip' => array(   
   'autoPlay' => FALSE, // Turn autoplay off   
   'linkUrl' => 'http://flowplayer.org', // When clicked on  

So, all you need to do is to copy these two blocks of code into your content editor (in php mode) and Voila! you have a video on your web page along with other content.

All we need now, is someone to write a bit of code to produce a button on Wysiwyg or CK-Editor which will insert all this code automatically and show the user a nice graphic symbol of the video!

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Thanks for sharing.

AFAIK, Adding buttons to WYSIWYG editors with WYSIWYG module is easily. I'll try to do such coding to do that - I'm not expert in that field tho.

// Ayesh

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I look forward to it with eager anticipation! Thanks Ayesh

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I too just want to play videos from my site, not someone else's videos on YouTube. Drupal, get your act together!

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At last, I have found what I have been looking for!!! A module which will allow you to insert audio and video clips, stored on your host, as easily as inserting a picture.
The module is CKEditor SWF
Full details of what other modules and libraries required are on the CKEditor SWF page, but to summarise:

  • Install CKEditor SWF Module
  • Download the Wordpress Audioplayer libraries from http://wpaudioplayer.com/download. Be sure to download the Standalone version. (audio-player-standalone.zip)
  • Copy to ..sites/libraries such that audio-player.js is in ..sites/all/libraries/audio-player/
  • Download and unzip swfobject_2_2.zip from code.google.com/p/swfobject
  • copy to ..sites/all/libraries such that swfobject.js is in ..sites/all/libraries/swfobject
  • In Configuration > CKEdit SWF copy example 2 into the text area replacing the empty array() statement. On the CKEditor SWF Flter tab check 'use SWFObject' and 'add SWF object'. Click Save Configuration
  • In Configuration > CKEditor select the 'full html' option expand the 'Editor appearance section and drag the 'flash' icon onto the toolbar, and also, under the heading 'plugins' check 'Support for the CKEditor SWF module'

To insert a video or audio clip simply click the 'Flash' button and browse to the video/audio file on your host.

Looking at the version details, this module has been around for two years with the Drupal 7 version appearing just over a year ago, so I have no excuse for not finding it earlier.
Thanks, anrikun, for a superb addition to CKEditor

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@Peters196 - your solution sounds good. Do you have an example site where I can see the result please? - or anyone else...



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Hi alsysman
If you look at our village website www.beechhillvillage.co.uk and click on 'Community Shop' on the 'Village' menu you will see a video created exactly as I described above. If you click on the link 'An introduction to the Village Shop' at the bottom of the same page you will see another video and a sound clip both of which were created as described above.

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Hey Peter, this does look really awesome and thank you for taking the time to post this and fining the resources for others that are trying to do the exact same thing you are/were trying to do.

I am wondering if you wouldn't mind to help me though, with some issues that I am running into. I went through your instructions but can't seem to get it to work. I have the jwplayer installed in the correct path (I think) and am able to see the flash button whenever I go to create a content, but when I enter in the url of where my video is uploaded on my server nothing shows up.

On the CKEditor SWF site, it says you need getID3, did you have to use that? And also the GD2 PHP Libaray?

I am stuck here and I am not sure what do you. I see that you got the player working nicely on you website, so hoping you could tell me what I'm doing wrong or missing.

Thanks again for this!!

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Sorry for the delay in responding to your post. I have been having major computer problems.
As a first thought - make sure you have checked the 'support for the CKEditor SWF module' and 'Plugin for inserting Drupal Embedded Media' checkboxes in the CKEditor configuraion (go to 'Configuration > CKEditor' click to edit the appropriate profile. Expand 'Editor Appearance' and scroll down to the 'Plugins' section)

Try running the Status Report. If a library is not installed or is in the wrong place it will show up as an error

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Hi Peter, hey no worries! Thanks for taking the time at all to reply :).. Well I did check those settings you mentioned and it looks like I didn't have "Plugin for inserting Drupal Embedded Media" checked, so I checked it, saved and went back to see if the video shows up but nothing. I can see in the editor the work "flash" and the box around it but no player when I view it.

I also looked at status report and have no errors so I'm not sure what is wrong. :(

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I think the configuration I have described only works with Flash Video files (.flv extension). I tried inserting a mp4 file on my website and it produced exactly the effect you described. There are various programs around for converting one video format to another.

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In response to an earlier request I gave a link to our village website as an example of embedding audio and video.
Feel free to look at the site and the video and audio files, but could I please ask you not to play the full length of the video '10 things you should know about the village shop at Beech Hill' un-necessarily. This video is almost 100MB and as our monthly quota is 2.5GB per month, so just 25 downloads of this video will exceed our quota incurring penalty charges to our villagers.
Thank you in advance for your understanding

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I have followed your directions.
In Configuration > CKEdit SWF copy example 2 I do not have this path.
'path' => 'sites/all/libraries/media-player/player.swf'

Where was this file supposed to come from. I DO have the second path
'path' => 'sites/all/libraries/audio-player/player.swf',

Also I do not have :
In Configuration > CKEditor
I only have:
Configuration > CKEdit SWF

Do you know where I can find these two things?
I am using Drupal 7.

Thank you in advance

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There is one (vital) thing missing from the instructions given above:
You need to download the JW Player Library.
To do this go to http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/
Uncheck the two checkboxes and click Download Now. This will download a zip file: mediaplayer.zip
On un-zipping it you will create a folder called (typically) 'mediaplayer 5.9'
Copy this folder to your ...sites\all\libraries folder.
Rename the folder from 'mediaplayer 5.9' to 'mediaplayer'. Check that you have files ...sites\all\libraries\mediaplayer\player.swf and ...sites\all\libraries\mediaplayer\JW Player Quick Start Guide.pdf

Drupal should now find the missing player.swf

Sorry for this omission.

Please note - you should also have the CKEditor module installed, not just the CKEditor library. You should then see CKEditor on the Configuration page

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Hello! I followed all your instructions about CkEditor Swf, and I also installed getid3. Now, in the editor I can see the flash button, I click it and I choose my .flv file to upload. When I save, I can see on my page the player (a black rectangle with a big play button in the center and so on...) but when I click "play" I get this error:
"Video not found and access denied:/sites/default/files/showreel_ok_3.flv"
I can't understand where is the problem, that path is the right one for my file and I also checked the permission on the file... it seems all fine.

The only thing is that I don't have the CKEditor module installed, but I use the CKEditor library through Wysiwyg module. Maybe this could be the problem...?
Thank you in advance for your help :)

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I have created a tutorial on how to setup video in drupal using only two modules. the first one is the video module and the second is video.js which is a HTML 5 player. http://www.expresstut.com/content/using-videos-drupal-7

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Modules: 'Video', 'Video.js', and 'Libraries API'.


FYI: Test Run...


From the tutorial "Using videos in drupal 7" by yomex4life


Brand New Drupal 7.15 site.

Install Three Modules:


Video.js (HTML5 Video Player)

Libraries API


Enable Modules:

Heading: 'Video':
- Video
- Video UI
- Video.js

Heading: 'Other':
- Libraries


Status report errors:


Video transcoder: FFmpeg
Missing the transcoder library. Please install FFmpeg [http://video.heidisoft.com/documentation/ffmpeg-installtion-scripts] in to your server if you intend to transcode or to auto create thumbnails.


Video.js Not found
Missing the Video.js library. Please download Video.js [http://videojs.com/] and extract it into the sites/all/libraries/video-js directory.

: o |

To be continued; possibly.

All the best; intended.
-Chris (great-grandpa.com)
"The number one stated objective for Drupal is improving usability." ~Dries Buytaert *

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Hey guys, I finally got a video working on my site now using the Medifront Module. It seems to get the job done. LOL After trying out a million different things. And now have this to try. I think I am still going to try Peters and Owoyemi examples to see which video works best.. but least now if something fails or I can't get it working, I know I can use Mediafront.

Thanks for the updates guys. I hope we can still keep this post active though until it is working for everyone since it might help out others.

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Although I had problems with the earlier version of MediaFront I just went back to it and tried it again. It appears to be much more stable. The other module I have used to get self-hosted videos to play on D7 is the video.js module and associated library.

I think it is worth bringing to everyone's attention that if they are using a solution that relies on .flv video or a player that uses a .swf file, these will not play on iDevices like the iPhone or iPad. The best solution is to try and use MP4 video and HTML5 playback with a fallback option to use Flash for older or incomparable browsers. MediaFront and Video.js both do this.

A list of some of the Drupal sites I have designed and/or developed can be viewed at motioncity.com

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I found a "simple" way to have a video on a website while trying to install JWplayer, whitout installing any modules. Don't why but it works! I use D7.28 and Zen subtheme.

- First upload the video in your files directory. The same way you would upload an image. I use WYSIWYG and CKEditor
- Go to the url of the uploaded video, ex: http://mywebsite.com/sites/default/files/myvideo.mp4
- Then if you inspect the code with Firebug, you'll the following code:
- Copy/paste in desired node (in source code)

And that's it! Done!