Clean URLs with Mac OS X Server

Last updated on
11 April 2017

For Mac OS X Server 10.4 (Tiger Server) and most likely previous versions as well, do not make changes to /etc/httpd/httpd.conf expecting the AllowOverride All directive to work. The correct file to add the AllowOverride All directive is in the directory /etc/httpd/sites/. In that directory are the virtual host configuration files. Each virtual server has a configuration file in that directory so it is in those files that you must enable AllowOverride All. If you only have one web server on your server configured, then the file you want to modify is /etc/httpd/sites/0000_any_80_.conf.

Mac OS 10.7 Lion Server

For Mac OS X Server 10.7 (Lion Server), the appropriate .conf files are located at /etc/apache2/sites. Within that directory, you should find .conf files for each virtual host you've configured through Web Server panel of the Server Tools application.

Changing the AllowOverride None line to AllowOverride All then stopping and restarting the web server (using the Server Tools application) should make clean URLs on Lion Server work correctly (with an unmodified .htaccess file).

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