please send as soon as possible


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Actually i don't the system of drupal, how can i edit my websites using this drupal. if i am saving this drupal in my website and running this means, then where my websites should be saved and how can i edit it through this drupal.


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Take a look at the webform module:

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I am not understanding that page ,so please send detailed information to me it's urgent for me

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check out this module.
use it to create any type of webform

Tutorial Screencasts


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I am not understanding that one . so please send about web form creation to me using drupal

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what part of the creation instructions aren't you understanding ?

this module adds a new content type called webforms, in your create content link. from there you create the new form. could you please explain what part of the module you don't understand ?

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Maybe you can ask friendly? Your line is a bit…
And remember everyone here is a volunteer... Spending their free time to help other people!!

A one line question isn’t a good start, describing a problem! Maybe you can explain what you don’t understand and what your experience level is developing forms, html and php?

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Hi all,

I think I am facing the same problem too. I don't understand how the webform really works even after going through the online documentation and so on.

Ok, here is my scenario. I want to create a form that has multiple textfield/textarea, drop down select box, a submit button and so on. After a user fills in the form and click on the submit button, the data will be saved in the database. Later, I will need to create an edit form to retrieve all the data out and put each of the data in its respective textfield and allow them to update and save the information back to the database again.

I am quite new to Drupal. I appreciate anyone who can guide me a step by step through the whole cycle. Thanks in advance.

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Have just started using Web Forms and they are very handy.
1)You have to add fields one by one.
2) Then you must remember to update or submit the whole webform (before the details get updated in the actual form).

tcl, you may want to try using the advance contact module

It works well for people submitting the forms but am trying to do what tcl is trying to do - to update and save information. The Forms API is cool but have not figured out where to put the codes yet.

Am trying out the form API to work with forms instead

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I think you're just trying to create a new node type. you can do this using cck.

create a new node type call it anything you want.
then simply add fields to this node type.
after that you can give any user permissions to add/edit/view the content.

the webform module is good if you want the information to be sent via mail, more similar to and advanced contact form.

hope this helps.


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is it possible to add a hidden field in the webform

Imran Khan
Project Manager
New Earth Marketing

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I don't know if it would be necessary to use a hidden field. It seems that all information used with webforms is saved, and all information that isn't saved via webforms is accessible via ways.

I only say that because I'm trying to find a scenario that you might need to add a hidden field to the form and I can't come up with one. Though, I don't know if it would be too hard to add a hidden field option to webforms (I haven't looked at the source though).

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Yes, very easy to add a hidden field, as this is included with webform component (at least in versions 2.0 and up).

Just edit the form, click on Form Component, put the lable you want in field, and then select "hidden". You can add info from a user's profile, for example, and have that sent to the admin. The user will not see this field when they fill out the form and submit. Of course, it will be in the View Source, though.

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Even I am doing a similar kind of work and facing the same problem. Did you figure out how to do it? Kindly help me

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I am new to drupal

when I am creating the form using webform module.
But if I want to make the label and the textbox to be in one row rather than in 2 rows what should I do?
Can Some body Help me


Pavani Akella

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using the webform module, or not.

can someone help me with a task?

I want to create a form for my users to fill out but it needs to store that users past input when they update the form.


users name | date | work started | work ended | total number of hours worked

repeat this for everyday of the month and track this for 12 months.

I would like it to be linked to that user and not accessible by anyone else.

any ideas? a module I am missing perhaps?

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there is a project module, here users can start projects with start en end date...