Recently I have converted my one joomla website to drupal website I choose Drupal beause Drupal has many flexible modules than joomla, for example location and Gmap etc. But I have bought some professional joomla templates already. I want it for my Drupal website. This week I took some time to convert a joomla template to Drupal template.

Please have a look and I'll appreciate you to tell me your point of view.



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It looks like a nice design and it's got location, maps and KML and things - I've no idea what it says though :)

(you're the second person I've heard of in the past week who's moved from using Joomla to Drupal in part because of the geo-related features!)’s picture

Hi Geodaniel, Thanks. Thanks for your brilliant modules. Yes, those geo-related models let me moved from Joomla ot Drupal.

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It's interesting because I think I want to create something similar... can I ask what the website is about? Great job...’s picture

It is a community website with travel information. Currently I made some improvement on user's profile.

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I visited your site. It was great. I think you have ported your Joomla! templates to Drupal themes, haven't you? Is there any step-by-step method to do so? I have a similar problem in which I should use Joomla! templates as Drupal themes. Would you please share your experience.

Kind Regards