Hi to everyone,

I'm currently realizing the Italian translation, on xxx-module.po files, and I read the it.po file in the attic should be automatically generated by a script, but I didn’t found any instruction on how (or by whom) this script is run.

Due to many fuzzy strings in Italian translation, I’d like to produce soon a mid-work attic update. Can you please give me some tips?


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The 'attic' is a virtual folder in CVS which contains old versions of deleted files. The it.po there is an older translation.

The it.po and other collected po's are generated automatically every 12 hours and packaged up for Drupal.org, but they don't appear in CVS.

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I see I misunderstood the use of the Attic directory.

I found cvs it.po in my project, so

. is cvs it.po public? In this case, where?
. what happens when I decide it is time to build a new version?

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Here are the 4.5 and CVS it.po files

You don't need to do anything to build a new version, this happens automatically. All you need to do is put the files in CVS with the right version tag.

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I can no longer see the cvs version in the project folder. Mayby this is fault of my newby-tryes, but I'm not able to restore it. Can someone please help?

Project node:

CVS version: