I am trying to install Drupal 5.1 on a Windows 2003 Server box running IIS 6.0. I have MySQL installed on a differnet machine within the office.
The installation screen comes up, I fill in my information and the installation screen simply redirects back to itself over and over and over again.

I have tried restarting, etc. I am getting NO error messages at all.

Extremely frustrating. I thought I followed the directions perfectly, but I must have forgotten to say the magic words.

Any ideas?



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Nobody has ANY ideas?

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Got the same problem.
Installed MySQL and PHP5 on a windows 2003 machine all works just fine.
Configured the ISP's DNS to point to my server.
Used the INSTALL.mysql.txt and INSTALL.txt to install drupal on the system.
I get the install.php screen and that's it. After filling in all fields the thing keeps on asking for the same information. Without any error message and no database tables or what ever are being created in the MySQL database.

ANY suggestions.

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I'm just taking a stab in the dark here...

Is your mysql user configured to allow remote connections or just localhost?

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IIS Win2003 MySQL5 PHP4

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Got the same problem here too. When I run the install script (http://localhost/drupal/install.php?profile=default) I just get a Database configuration screen. The only option is "Save Configuration" and no further step is possible.

Did anyone solve that issue? My environment is IIS 5.1, PHP 5.2.1, Drupal 5.1, MySQL 5.1. My MySQL server is configured to allow remote connections.

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You probably haven't given the web server the proper permissions to actually write the settings file.

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That worked. I gave the IUSR account full control to the drupal/sites/defaul/settings.php file and that seems to have fixed it.

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I have installed on IIS in the past, but forget these little things. Thanks for the reminder!

To activate the Internet Guest Account - In IIS Manager, right click on the website, choose 'Permissions' (3rd one from the top), click Add..., enter YOURSERVER\IUSR_YOURSERVER, click OK, check the Write / Allow box, then click OK. You're done!

This works for IIS 6.

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Correct, it's a problem with permissions on your settings.php file. Details about why you don't get an error message are here:

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Using IIS 5.1, WinXP, Drupal 5.1, I had the same problem with the configuration page not posting, but the settings.php file was writable. My problem was that IIS was set up to handle PHP with CGI rather than ISAPI. Changing it to ISAPI fixed it.

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Thanks to reading a few post about this, I got mine to work. Turns out mine was a settings.php write error.
So I manually edited the settings.php file, adding the database info. Then refreshed the page, and everything was fine (bypassed the install page since it wasnt necessary)

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In order to install Drupal on Windows 2003 Server running IIS 6.X and MySQL. You have to give the "settings.php" file full permissions for the Internet Guest User Account usuall looks like this: "IUSR_"

I had the same problem until I did this and it worked fine.

Daniel Ly

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When I installed Drupal on yahoo web hosting I was instructed to copy "site/default/default.settings.php" as "site/deault/settings.php". I was fighting my ftp client at the time and simply renamed default.settings.php to settings.php (not copying the file as instructed by the install video). Took over an hour to understand the redirect was a non descriptive error.

great install video

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So, if you rename (rather than 'copy & rename') default/settings.php this causes the error?
I'm guessing so, as I've installed Drupal several times and never had the problems I've just had (silent error of Database Configuration - ie resets to blank fields after clicking the continue button).

So, if you navigate to drupal/sites/default/default-settings.php and COPY (create a duplicate) then paste / rename to drupal/sites/default/settings.php (ie. delete the 'default-' at the beginning.)

You then have:

This should avoid the problem all together (I'm guessing)

However, if like me, you have a problem with the database configuration screen, this will hopefully help (since I've just spent ages trawling though the drupal forums to find rather lacking 'fixes')

The quickest fix for me was this >>
I still had the Drupal install page up on screen (stuck at the 'database configuration' screen - drupal/install.php)

Navigate to drupal/sites/default/settings.php (assuming you renamed it : ) via FTP
Open with notepad (or similar)

Find this line (line 92 in my code) >> $db_url = 'mysql://username:password@localhost/databasename';

Manually type in these parts (as per the auto setup page in Drupal that isn't working) username:password@localhost/databasename

So something like
$db_url = 'mysql://goosey:ducky87@localhost/goosesite';

re-save as 'settings.php' then re-upload to the same location you got it from.

Go back to the install screen & refresh (F5 ; ) or revisit 'Drupal/install.php. The drupal install will continue as it should.

HTH : )