Does anyone know "Whizzywig"? - web based rich text editor for free

I found it by googling "web based Rich Text Editor".

Light and features rich...and free.

I wish someone could modularize this...


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there is some module for adding wysiwyg editor to drupal
for cersion 5 you can use this one

and for version 5 and 4.7 and 4.6
you can use this one

amir abbas

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Of course I know both.

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I VERY STRONGLY recommend FCKeditor.
It rocks.

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Thanks man.
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I second the motion for a Drupal module for Whizzywig. Whizzywig is an outstanding web-based html editor, better than tinymce in my opinion. What makes it better? The whole thing (not counting button icons) is a single javascript file of only 23.2 K! (version 54a). It is so small that no script compression is necessary. The small size makes it load almost instantly, a real advantage for slow dialup connections. Furthermore, stuff like adding images and working with tables is done via javascript instead of popup windows. That avoids trips to the server (instantaneous performance) and trouble from popup blockers. Need to edit the html directly? The "html" button gives it to you instantly, unlike tinymce which has to go fetch stuff from the server. It has a button to clean up code, and has xhtml and html 4 modes.

Despite the extremely small code size, this is a full-featured editor! It handles image placement and table building. There is great cross-browser compatibility, and multi-language language support. There is an image selector addon by the same author (for inserting images) that lets you browse images on the server with a nice preview. There is an link selector, too. All fast and compact.

In sum, this is a GREAT full-featured, extremely compact, high performance editor.

With so few files and such a simple interface, making a Drupal module should be easy, but I'm a newbie and know very little about module-writing, so I still haven't got it working!

So please, will SOMEBODY take a look at this GREAT EDITOR and write a Drupal module?

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Wow, this really is nice... it looks pretty easy to integrate, too (although I don't know if I have the skills necessary for making a module of it). Personally, I'm a huge fan of WYMeditor, but I'm extremely disappointed in it's lack of support for Safari and the browser-specific ways it has of doing what it does. I'm shocked that with all the cool stuff being done nowadays with AJAX and such that there isn't a better editor for Drupal that's browser-independent and quick to load, especially now that jQuery is built in! Whizzywig looks very compact and extremely straightforward, even if it is still a WYSIWYG editor and not a WYSIWYM. A module for this would be very cool.

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Hello, for some implementations, TinyMCE & FCKeditor create issues and have messy install/setups.
WYMeditor is faster and simpler all around, but, alas, is limited to IE & Firefox.
So I would also encourage a module built to implement this Whizzywig.

I wonder how Whizzywig & Wymeditor can be so lean, when the others are so lumpy? Is it poor design? Old design that got stuck? Or more probably, additional features and settings?

Whizzywig for Drupal 5.x - Who can do it?
Calling all heroes!

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I'm partial to WYMeditor but I can see Whizzywig put to good use.

Not unimportant, Whizzywig can be configured to support xhtml output, making sure your users can't pollute your content with FONT tags.

Also, the picture browser is a very nice touch... I'm not a coder, but I'm thinking that it shouldn't be too hard to add a "node link browser". By then you'd have a rounded, simple and accessible way for users to edit/enter content.

Not GPL, but a very liberal, "pretty much use as you see fit if you leave the copyright notice" license.

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I've used TinyMCE, HTMLarea, and FCK in lots of previous projects (just replacing textarea though), and Whizzywig is by far a better replacement than all three put together...imho anyway...

I just cannot believe that no one has gone and figured out a way to create a module or whatever is needed to make this work...

so, nudging up this post...maybe the right person will see it :)

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It IS nice!

I was thinking "not another one" and "how much better does a rich-text editor have to be?" but that is really quick and tidy.

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Yeah, I've used FCKeditor and TinyMCE but pages loaded so slow.

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Those who want this, may want to contact the developer/s of the editor and see if they want to promote it by making a Drupal module of it.

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Thanks so much for putting this like a charm, and I love the ability to filter by textarea id

much better, and lightweight than tinymce!

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If I could write a module myself I would, but I'm only a humble project manager/integrator... please, somebody, do it!

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set up a reverse bounty so that it can be paid for. Money still has a great tendency for others to do something they don't need themselves.
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It means if everyone in this thread coughed up $20 and you pull it together, you place a threads in paid services stating you have "X" amount of money to build the module. Others can then add to the bottom line until therre is enough for the module to be built.

The search tool on really does work. This message has been brought to you by the letter X. Thanks for watching! : )

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I created a module that integrates the Whizzywig editor in Drupal.
Check it out at

Any feedback appreciated.

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I'll try soon and give back my feedbacks.
I really appreciate your applaudable endeavor.
Thanks a million!

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I did try it and it works!

I am very impress! That was very quick and good of you to do that.


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Thanks a lot for whipping up this module. So far it works great on my test install.