So I have installed the Drupal site on a sub-folder so the main website can continue to run while I built it in the background. I am going to be ready soon to move it to the main root directory, and move the current web files into an archive folder. I am basically just preparing myself, does anyone have a video tutorial link or instructions on everything I need to change when I move the files from the sub-folder (mysite/CMS) to the root folder of the domain? Or any advise?


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I've been searching for the same solution... this one's worked for me!

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Interesting link.
But I've a problem with the images of the template.

Te images are in the sites/default/themes/xxx/images but the css do not find them. How can I solve this problem?

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I have an issue although on the same lines..

I have a domain and have a drupal site working on it (installed on the / folder of the host).
I have another domain and have installed another drupal site this one is installed in /example1 folder of the host.

I need to move the from /example1 to / folder so I can access some mail features of the host.
Both and will now have to be on the / folder.

What changes are to be made and how do I move the from /example1 folder to root
Will copying the contents of /example1 to / work? if not how?

Please I'm new to web programming.