I've just installed drupal 5.0 RC1 and i'm very impressed so far, far more polished, and overall i can see it doing so many more things than before. Just during my tests, i had trouble however just uploading images. There doesn't seem to be a gallery module by default?

So what's the best way, to integrate images into say, a story node?

In 4.7 i was using tinyMCE with the image module which worked nicely. In 5.0 are there any alternatives? Maybe something a bit more user friendly in terms of interface?


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I am a HUGE fan of the combination of imagefield.module, imagecache.module, and CCK (which is required by imagefield).

ImageCache is a little tricky to figure out, but it's INCREDIBLY powerful when you get the hang of it.

I am done using image.module forever.

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I noticed imagecache is still 4.7, hopefully it'll be 5.0 soon.

I'll check out imagefield.module - if i understand CCK correctly (i've only used once, sparingly with 4.7) - is that i can basically create a new node type, the same way image.module currently does.

What are the advantages would you between the two ? (CCK new image node and image.module?) - after creating a new image node, how did you go about attaching them to a (e.g.) story node, any particular tools?

I remember seeing tools to "attach" image nodes to other nodes, then in other cases there were modules that would inject html directly into nodes. I think in terms of ease of use, i'd like to find something where when you're posting a story or a page, you can just click 'insert image', 'browse to your computer and find it', and done. Drupal will handle the rest.

Thanks for all the help so far!

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Is there a demo of this anywhere?

I need to be able to put images within a page, eg between some of the paragraphs.
Will that be possible with imagefield?

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I am interested to see what the answer to your question is - I also want to put images inbetween paragraphs of a single node.

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I agree with jjeff with one caveat. There is currently no way to batch upload multiple images to a CCK node with the imagefield module. You have to add them one at a time which can quickly become tedious. Right now the best way to batch upload a set of images is the image_pub module which creates a series of image.module style 'image' nodes and groups them with a taxonomy.

If it weren't for this one feature, I'd gladly never need the image.module again.

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What does the multiple values check box do for imagefield then? Was this in 4.7?

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I'm not sure how tracking relates to attaching images to nodes? can someone clarify this?

Isn't tracking just for, well tracking posts and so forth?

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I laughed out loud reading your post. Unfortunately, there seems to be no other way to keep tabs on an interesting thread in the forums. Browser bookmarking is useless. I wish drupal.org would implement the bookmarks module that would allow each user to bookmark the nodes they are interested in.

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Searching for 'inline image' I've found http://drupal.org/project/inline

Also http://drupal.org/project/node_images, but I don't like the look of this as much -- images aren't created as nodes, so when the page node is deleted the attached images are gone too. But maybe that's what you want sometimes.

I'm going to file a request for a new documentation page on this. It seems to be a pretty basic thing you'd want to do with drupal -- put pictures among text -- yet I've not been able to find documentation on doing it.

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Done a bit more digging....

The 'image' module lets you create image nodes.
But don't touch 'image_attach' that comes with it -- that lets you attach an image from an image node to another sort of node, but it has a crucial design flaw: once attached, you can't remove images!!! There's an issue filed for this: http://drupal.org/node/98154

Instead, you can use the module 'Img_assist' which gives you a link you click when editing content. That pops up a new window, where you specify the image, and then inserts the code into the edit content text field.
It takes existing image nodes, or lets you upload a new one on the fly, same as the 'image_attach' module.

Downside of img_assist is that when you delete an image node, the pages that embed the image don't keep up.

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You can also use <img src=..... to link images you uploaded through the upload module to that node or with images in the image module http://drupal.org/node/47357

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