This is a problem that spans ALL Drupal installations. I get this error frequently when trying to submit content, posts on I get this error when submitting nodes on some of my drupal sites and it appears to be related to google chrome and Windows.

The error starts on chrome typically. When submitting content to a drupal site you receive

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error.

IF you change to ANY OTHER BROWSER you get a WSOD. Once the problem resolves in Chrome, all other browsers function again.

This problem persists until you get lucky enough to have it mysteriously vanish. One solution I occasionally have success with is running ipconfig /flushdns.

So, if this problem is a chrome bug, then why does it ruin all other browsers?
Why is it that only a handful of sites give me this bug.. Drupal is the number one victim. Particularly I have tried for months to solve this and beside a long winded post on google groups with no solution seem to be stuck.

My hope is that by posting this, there will at least be something indexed on and something will transpire.

Other posts on drupal involve this error and an assumed association with the Boost module and with computed fields. I personally don't think they are the cause.. again, I think it's related to Chrome screwing something up with the system it is running on and this problem really affects Drupal more than any other website.

I wish I could ask for advice on solving this problem on MY sites.. but it's a problem I have with ANY drupal site.

Does anyone else have this issue?? I know many do on the internet, but it seems I am the only one on the drupal forums..


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I'm experiencing the same issue...

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4th try to post this.. can't due to the error in the topic. Thanks god I always remember now to copy my text EVERYTIME I POST TO DRUPAL.ORG.. (Yes I am yelling).

I have been trying to respond to this thread for 10 minutes. Everytime I hit submit I get WSOD in IE and FF.. Chrome gives me the error seen in the title. I have this issue ONLY with drupal powered sites, but NEVER on a drupal site on localhost.

Solutions that work temporarilty but not 100% of time..
ctrl -f5 reload, clear cookies, restart LAN, ipconfig /flushdns

What antivirus are using? Norton Internet Security here.

Searching the internet shows the google chrome forum is full of this complaint but no one seems to be implicating drupal BUT I don't know what CMS these websites run on.. Maybe they are Drupal powered. Personally.. I ONLY have this issue with drupal powered websites.. ESPECIALLY. It doesn't appear that anyone with any sort of technical skill is working on the problem and instead the solutions are temporary and amature (no offense to those who came up with them).

Some implicate router MTU settings..

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I've implicated chrome in this problem. To test, I am no longer using it. If I got a day without this error, then it's chrome. FF now until I get this error with it alone.

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trying to edit the above node got me a WSOD. No Chrome usage, just FF. My computer and only my computer seem to incompatible with! This is quite annoying.

Edit: trying various options disable in Norton. No changes
Edit: Totally unintalled Chrome....
Edit: And it's now working.. and my browsing is faster..
Edit: Problem appears to be solved..??

Okay. So the problem does seem to be chrome. Even if you don't run chrome, the problem exists in other browsers. Uninstalling chrome completely seems to have solved the problem although it is erratic and it may come again. If I have this problem again, I'll post however at the present time I would venture to say that Chrome is incompatible with Drupal on SOME SYSTEMS. Platform doesn't seem to be the blame, I have seen it reported in Mac, Ubuntu and Win. A search of the internet shows many with this problem, and the websites vary. Facebook, Youtube, Gmail.. For me.. IT was and many of my drupal installations.. but never drupal on a localhost.

Now, if submitting this post causes a WSOD.. I am going to pull every hair out of my head because it means all of my assumptions are completely wrong. Crosses fingers.. here goes. (Copy text JUST IN CASE)

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No errors.. This definitely looks like a chrome issue. I'm done with that browser.

Edit: Scratch that!! WSOD in FF trying to edit this node. Now on Wife's laptop. Seeing if error really is only with my computer.
Edit: Seems to be working on wifes computer... Uninstalling firefox..
Edit: Now back on my computer to see if problem persists..

*I am doing all of this spamming because I can't really be the only one who will ever have this problem.. If it saves one person the pain I have been through.. I get into heaven free.

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Just got wsod from wife's laptop trying to edit above node so it is not a problem on my computer.. It is either LAN, internet or drupal.. .. and now it seems to have mysteriously resolved..

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Taking it to the iPad.. Seeing if this works. Logged in okay but the big test if this postts.

and now trying to edit from win7 platform.. again

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But i can't be sure... I am giving up. If a third person has this problem, please post.. I'm done.

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So, since the ipad since to work, I installed Safari and I'll give this a try. This is in essence another attempt to post to without a WSOD.

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I hate to say this, but works 20% of the time for me on any browser except Safari. I have been testing now since the last post and I have fine internet workings everywhere except It fails frequently with IE and FF and chrome. Safari appears to be working 100% of the time. Possibly, if enough other people also seem to have this issue it will get addressed. In the meantime, there is a problem FYI.

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Hi tpainton,

this is a really annoying issue - especially when it happens to a Drupal dev. I had similar problems the last few days.
The issue might be a misconfigured router or a shitty ISP. I got rid of it by manually setting the MTU size of my wireless connection to 1450. since then, all is back to smooth again.

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I have been checking this thread daily waiting for someone else to have the same issue. I agree with you. I don't ever have problems when I connect from my office. But, from home, major problems.

I will for sure try resetting my MTU, and I had read about this as an solution BUT I also read some replies that it did not work for others.. I will try it.

The problem remains.. Why is drupal failing and no other websites? It appears some people are plagued with this problem with facebook, or Youtube.. I personally don't have this issue with those websites..Just and very very rarely with my own sites.

I am just waiting for my users to start sending email saying my site is down, when THEY get this problem. Thank goodness none yet as it seems to be very isolated. Hopefully, over time, as more people encounter it, we can try and pin down the exact cause.. It would be great if someone with network engineering expertise could shed light as to why the MTU setting is the culprit..or not?. What kind of router were you using that caused the issue? Who knows, maybe that's the issue right there. Funny if we share the same router.. I have a Cisco.. can't remember the model though.. will check when I get home.

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I have set the MTU to 1450 on my Cisco (linksys) E3000 router. Hopefully this solves the problem. If this post goes through then I would say that yes that appears to be the problem which is good because as of late, even Safari is getting WSOD on Clicking submit and crossing fingers..

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I'll post anything up if this doesn't solve the problem, until then....

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Not a single problem since this setting was changed!

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ipconfig /flushdns didn't help.

Seems to be related to installing a new module (Storm) -- when I try to enable it -- WSOD in FF, Err 324 in Chrome.

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I would bet that your problem can be fixed by logging into your wireless access point and changing your MTU as above. This seems to have finally solved the problem for me. Are you using the same router?

Trust me on this.. I have tried everything and this is the only thing that worked for me. Why it only affects I have no idea. Try changing your MTU.. If it works, post back so we can at least corroborate the solution, then maybe someone can figure out why.

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Unfortunately I'm renting, and don't have access to the router...

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I would go to and see if the default password is still in place.. Don't be surprised if it is. You can see the router type then just look up the default password on the internet. Then you can change the MTU and no one will know and you might solve your problem ;) Who knows, you might even solve a bunch of other people's problems! ;) I can justify anything.

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I was coding a new module when I ran into this error

I could identify the point because I just added few lines of code before it stopped to work.
Now my module does nothing at the moment, just adds 5 new Content Types with fields and fields istances

The problem first arose installing my module, and then the module page wasn't reachable anymore.
I did several tries and found out that I could add all the fields and all the instances but one, and everything was fine, as soon as I tried to add the last instance the error was back.
The strange thing is that it doesn't mind which instance I skip, so the code is right. I also ran in debugging mode and found my code doesn't fire any error but it hangs somewhere else.

I began to think maybe is some kind of memory problem, so I tried disabling the comment module (choose that because it always give me problems and I hate it), guess what? my module installs with no issues. For sake of honest investigation I enabled comment again and disabled another core one: error 324 was back again

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Maybe changing your MTU would allow content module??? I still have no problems at all since changing my MTU setting.

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On D7 there is no such error on my sites.. Only

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That might explain it..

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I have same issue but WORST!

I'm trying to deploy a website to a client server, and I get the 324 error dispite checking everything. I can't anything at all of my site in that server.
So I try to install Drupal directly on this server. I've uploaded D7 files, created the DB... and what is my suprise when I access the site root to get into the installation process... IT directs to install.php and give me th 324 Error again!

I've tried everything and nothing's working so far.

Any suggestion?

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Disabling the "Update Status" module fixed this WSOD/Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) problem. Thanks to the post -



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I can't imagine not using update status.. Try keeping 8-12 sites up to date without it.. it would take an entire day of checking modules and versions.

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First I turned on the errors finding out that the site was using more memory that I was providing it.. ( I know this was a really late answer though… )

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I get the same problem on my PC when browsing the website. Although this happens intermittently, it only happens in Chrome. When using Firefox, it never seems to happen.

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I got the same problem. I searched and found this topic.

The problem just appears yesterday. I have not installed or configured anything. The site was running properly so far.

I tested on Chrome and FF, same problem. My customer tested on IE, same problem again.

Any idea how to fix it? I will be much appreciated.

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Hi, after many years using Drupal I've found this problem for the first time. I'm using a Drupal 7 site in three different web servers (actually three laptops for development with Ubuntu 11.04) at home and the problem happened only with one of the servers, that told me the problem was server based and not related to Drupal as it was the same code (from my git repository) and the same database (from MySQL running in one different server).

Apache logs didn't say anything helpful and I kept getting the damn WSOD after trying many of the proposed solutions around (clearing cache, removing some records in the variable table, restarting Apache, changing browsers, clearing cookies, etc).

Chrome was the only browser giving a message: Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error..

After changing some settings in my Apache configuration I disabled PHP APC (just commented the line in /etc/php5/conf.d/apc.ini and restarted Apache) and the problem disappeared. To confirm this was the cause I enabled PHP APC back and the problem was there again.

My web servers use different hardware but all of them have the same software running so I guess PHP APC is conflicting somehow with my hardware in one of them. I will try with a different opcode cache.

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Ok, it seems the problem is just this line in my apc.ini:

apc.include_once_override = 1

By the way, Ubuntu 11.04 has php 5.3.

I removed it and let APC use its default, which is zero.

Other posts in the forum mentioning similar issues:

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and it only is affecting Admin>Config!!!

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I've just started noticing this on a client's site, but if I refresh a couple of times, the page usually loads. My client is having the same problem, so I'll point him here to do the MTU change to see if that helps. So far this is the only site having the problem. Its a D6 site, but I have a bunch of those out there, and this is the only one.

Thanks to Todd for some great documenting of the problem.


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My problem has gone from random to always when logged in. As anonymous the site works fine, but as soon as I login I see the error message (in Chrome - other browser either white screen or say they couldn't load the page). Setting the MTU to 1450 makes no difference. I did an upgrade to admin _menu from 6.x-1.6 to 6.x-1.8 (thankfully I had Drush installed) and that allowed me to access non-admin pages while logged in. Still no luck on the admin page, but I am upgrading all modules one by one to see if something changes.a


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Though I've lost access to ALL admin pages. For a little while I could constantly reload an Error 324 page and it would eventually come up, but for the last couple days nothing but error or WSOD on non-chrome browsers.
It happens across all platforms, all browsers, and different routers too.
(On a side note, my router wouldn't let me change the MTU at all, it wouldn't connect to the ISP with it changed. Weird?)

I'm going to try and take out the Admin menu module from the FTP side and see if that makes a difference. This is pretty crazy.

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Disabling admin_menu seemed to have solved my issue. At the time I disabled it, though, it didn't seem to change anything - I did clear all caches - but the next day, the admin pages were coming up normally. I don't have control over the server, so there might have been something done there during the night - maybe just a reboot. Just thought I'd mention my solution in case it works for someone else.


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I had the same issue, when viewing my admin menu and also webform to pdf module. I solved it by increasing the memory limit of PHP (php.ini) to 128 from default 32 and the issue's been fixed. Do try increasing the memory limit if you get this error

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disabled admin_menu through FTP...non-admin pages are fine, admin pages error out. I'm up a creek.

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Long discussion going on here. I've got several websites to attend, most of them with D6, one with D7.10 + webform. No problems with D6. Problems with D7 started after installing a chrome webbrowser (Iron).
The webform can't be viewed, but it can be edited. The only remedy uptill now: deleting the unreachable webform and building a new one.
If have tried all the suggested remedies - nothing helped - but I can't change settings of Apache/PHP (no permissions on ISP-webserver). So what to do next?

PS: What I don't understand: It always seems to start when using chrome, but it makes the page unreachable for every browser, everybody, every computer. So how come chrome manages to set off the webserver?

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1. I create a new block
2. While editing, if block body has the text:

<center><a href='' class='colorbox-inline'>This is GREECE!</a></center>

I get 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) with Chrome, "Connection closed by remote server" with Opera, same with FF.

3. If block body does not have the & character (the same goes also with & amp ;, which contains &), no problem is shown whatsoever.

<center><a href='' class='colorbox-inline'>This is GREECE!</a></center>

4. Problem doesn't solve if i change edditing format. Same behavior. Same goes If i use or not WYSIWYG editor.

5. Block body (with php filter):

$c = "&";
echo <<<EOD
<center><a href="{$c}iframe=true{$c}width=640{$c}height=360" class="colorbox-inline">This is GREECE!</a>

Same behavior

6. Block body (with php filter):

$c = chr(38);
echo <<<EOD
<center><a href="{$c}iframe=true{$c}width=640{$c}height=360" class="colorbox-inline">This is GREECE!</a>

Problem solved!!

7. Problem shown only in one of my drupal installation.
8. Installation has no clean urls (htaccess disabled).
UPDATE: htacces enabled, with clean urls on! Problem has same behavior
9. Problem has same behavior in different pc's
10. If block body has this:

& problem is shown!
9. UPDATE: Same problem has just been seen on a totally different Drupal installation, on same server

(..... ?!?!?!?!??! )

-- - Programming by nature

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Do you run the Apache module mod_security?

If so, check the audit logs (see mod_security support) to identify the offending rule, then disable the specific rule. Alternatively, ditch the damn WAF.

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Same issue on all my browsers checked the suggested settings and they where fine.
It only happens with me when trying to change the setting of my theme (using mayo) ..... and to be honest it drives me crazy

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Hi everyone,

I found this post while researching on a similar issue, while developing with chrome.
Turns out it was a matter of jquery messing up with form serialization.
I suggest to check out what the command of $("form").serialize() gives you on the form you are trying to submit, especially if you have checkboxes in it.


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If you had the same problem I mentioned above.. I can't check anything now :(
After one week, problem had been solved without doing anything on my part.

-- - Programming by nature

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I had the same problem on a Drupal 6, I desactivated the update module directly in the database (UPDATE system SET status='0' WHERE name='update';).
And everything went fine.

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I've a website on a shared hosting service which last month upgraded from 5.2.6-1+lenny16 to 5.3.3-7+squeeze causing the 324 error on Chrome (generic error on Firefox and IE).
I was forced to manually disable many modules (updating via MySQL) in order to have at least half site properly functioning: no errors during anonymous browsing but errors when logged in as administrator and navigating to certain pages (especially admin/build/modules)

After googling for solutions, and trying PHP settings, I've reported the issue to the service provider which started investigations that I want to share now (I'm not an expert so there may be misinterpretations):

  • Apache was crashing with the following log:
    [notice] child pid 5617 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

    but it was not early evidenced on log files (it was detected by the ISP support service after activating some sort of additional trace).

  • changed PHP execution mode from module to FastCGI
  • it seemed to be the suhosin module to cause the crash; it could be a suhosin bug or a PHP bug, anyhow it is Drupal code to trigger the crash case.
  • components versions:
    • php5-suhosin advanced protection module for php5
    • libapache2-mod-php5 5.3.3-7+squeeze9 server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module)

So suhosin has been disactivated and the website is running OK since two weeks.

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I have also had this exact same issue. I started getting the "Error 324" after installing the drupal_themer module.

Using Drush to deactivate the module (drush dis devel_themer) fixed the problem. I have since reactivated the module and everything seems to work okay for the moment. That said, I do keep getting the occasional white screen, but nothing a refresh or two won't fix. Still, a little frustrating.

Does this relate to anyone else's issue?

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Seems to be related to devel_themer for me. Not certain yet. Happens a lot when it's enabled, and only occasionally when not.

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If you use eAccelerator for you PHP, try to turn it off.

This solved the "Error 324" for me.

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clear cache might help:

truncate table cache;

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I got Error 324, from admin just run the update checking ...

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I solved this problem. change permission 777 for files folder sites/default/files and for css folder sites/default/ctools/css

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After going through this page (and others) and looking at things like the APC settings etc., I tried running the command drush pm-refresh and it worked! I am no longer getting the Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE). My issue was that whenever I turned on the Update module, all admin pages would give the 324 error. I'm not sure why/how this worked for me but thought it might help others, hence the comment.

. . . . . . .

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I can confirm that the error has gone away, after disabling the drupal update module.
This will work for me and solve the problem!

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Doing dev in D7. Things were running fine for a few weeks, then all of sudden this error happens constantly all day. Seems like it has to be a newly enabled module causing it. One theory I am testing is that devel_themer or it's required module simplehtmldom is causing this. I reinstalled my dev environment including rebuilding the database. It seems like everything was fine until I enabled devel_themer. Still not certain yet because it is inconsistent. Will post more as I learn more.

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Error 324 only for logged in users happened after migrating one of our Drupal 6 installations and was solved by disabling php safe mode.

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I am also experiencing the same issue....PLease help me also...

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same here. happened many times during the past weeks while enabling various modules. then the next day everything was fine. then the next day it's not fine... still trying to figure out why.

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The empty error respose is generally occurs in following condition

1. Some Logic problem in your code who's taking long to execute. So the server dose not send any output to your client browser and hence empty response occurs.

Try increasing the script execution time of by set_time_limit(0).

Need Drupal help?
Reach me

Acquia Certified Grand Masters

Drupal Site Builder, Themer, Developer.

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I was having this problem for months. I finally uninstalled an old version of XAMPP I was running locally and began using the built-in Apache server on my Mac. I also used the Homebrew version of PHP and MariaDB for mySQL. Installation was a little tedious but since the upgrade I haven't had any errors anymore. If you're running an older version of XAMPP or any server, seriously look into upgrading.

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Hello, excuse my english.

I was having the same issue due to a simple field of a menu item.

I've installed the Menu Attach Block module that "allows you to attach blocks to standard core Drupal menu items".
The client accidently tried to attach a menu block (Block for a menu called Parent I ) on a menu item (Child II) that belongs to the same menu, the menu called Parent I.

In other words, he tried to do something like this:

  1. Parent I
  • Child I
  • Child II
    • Parent I (Block that contents the entire menu called Parent I. Impossible and endlessly recursive)
    • ...
    • ...


Solution? Just delete that menu item on the menu_links table via phpMyAdmin.

This error (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) may have so many causes. I hope my post help someone else

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I have tried all the for mentioned solutions. I went into the watchdog and found this. if anyone can offer some guidance I would really appreciate it.

a:6:{s:5:"%type";s:6:"Notice";s:8:"!message";s:20:"Undefined offset: 1";s:9:"%function";s:19:"quasar_preprocess()";s:5:"%file";s:89:"/home/content/01/7801501/html/firefrog/midwest/sites/all/themes/rt_quasar_d7/template.php";s:5:"%line";i:106;s:14:"severity_level";i:5;}

roughly 2000 lines of errors similar to this...

the website is - front end stuff functions normally

I have no idea if this is the problem but I need some help to get this site back. I cannot login to the admin. So I am limited on what I can do. I am on a shared hosting plan with godaddy. I turned on the apache error logs. I am hoping this will lead me in the right direction.

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Today I got the same error trying to install a new module.

After trying I few things I manage to fixed it increasing PHP memory limit.

There's a few ways to do that, find how here

Hope this helps someone.

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I'm working with drupal since the version 5 and I never faced a problem like this. Well... until today :(

I was working in a tiny project with less than 30 contents, ~5 content types, ~8 views and some blocks. A very simple project on Drupal 7. I do never used 'hack' or do something that is not recommended by community or the official documentation. I only use stable/popular modules (aiming on stability and security), less than 15 - all of them already used on other projects.

I tried some recommendations at this post, but all failed and I was still having problems on some specific pages.

Got this error on some admin pages, like:

  • node/add/[ctype] (just a particular one against many others - this ctype has nothing special - just an title, body and date field);
  • admin/structure/views/view/[view-name] (all views - can't edit);
  • admin/structure/types/manage/webform (only on edit)
  • sites/all/themes/[my-theme]/favicon.ico

As seen above, I had problem on favicon of my custom theme. Which helped me to 'solve' this. I was intrigued because that - a simple favicon, FFS!!! A single static content and was raising "Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data." on Chrome, and also in Firefox and IE.???

I checked all things about this: logs from web server and drupal (no errors or warnings - nothing anormal); also checked apache and php modules or parameters - everything right for my frustration or happiness. I also tested the site on my remote server; on a local VM (created only for test this); and XAMPP - all failed. The last possible source of this problem, after 4 hours ( yes ¬_¬, i was stupid on this) I suspected of the computer (O.S.) I was using.

The most bizarre about this is that some of those private URLs, i.e. (admin/structure/types/manage/webform) was throwing the error on a not authenticated session in Chrome/FF private mode. At least, or by the normal way, an error 403 (not logged in) should be returned. It was like drupal was not even requested by the browser (but still was requested on apache).

xxxxxxxx - - [01/Jun/2015:01:42:13 -0300] "GET /xxxxxxxx/admin/structure/types/manage/webform HTTP/1.1" 200 6975 "http://xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0"

Just tested the favicon on a remote proxy via browser (since is an public/static content) and worked fine! Changed from windows to GNU/Linux (on the same machine - dual boot) and everything fine (all problematic URLs above)! Also tested on my macbook at the same network (also checked browsers - Chrome/FF/Safari) and no problem!

So, this definetly is a problem on the my operating system (windows or any trash on him). I can't investigate this right now. But i can only discard at this moment, all those suggestions about the php memory_limit, modules (the bad or innocent ones; installing or uninstalling them), drupal cache (clear cache / trucate cache tables didn't fix), windows dns (/flushdns didn't fix), antivirus or firewall (disable them didn't fix) browser specific (same problem on Chrome/FF/IE), local network (virtual or physical), ISP etc.