Hello all,
I had a Drupal 6 site that used the content profile module to associate content with users. I don't see the way to do this in Drupal 7. I used Content Profile to define additional fields for users. Then, on a different content type, I could select a user based on their real name. This is for a poetry magazine online. When creating content, poetry content, editors will know who wrote the poem and want to include that. However, the editors will not necessarily know the username of the person who wrote the poem. I tried node reference in Drupal 7 but it doesn't give as an option the "entity" that is represented by a user. So, then I tried user reference and it only links using the username.
Is there a way to do this in drupal 7, as the content profile module is not available in drupal 7. Maybe the intention was that it was not needed since adding additional fields to a user is part of core. However, again, I haven't figured out how to create content type poetry, in this example, and have it show as options or references, the user's Real Names. Real names is a field I defined both on the user entity and the poetry entity (where poetry is a custom content type that I created.
Thanks for help and feedback on this,


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Hi Bruce,

see module "References" (http://drupal.org/project/references). It says "This project maintains the D7 versions of the 'Node reference' and 'User reference' field types, that were part of the CCK package in D6."


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Hi Bruce,

i have the same problem, i need to display the user's real names by using user-references in blocks. For example to give content-dependet Author information.

i created some user fields in config->user->settings and a user-reference field in content-types. Then i did a view to display the username field in block (as argument "Node ID in URL" to make it content-dependent) and placed the block to its position. This works great if it would be fine to display username only.

I didn't figure out how to connect the additional fields from user-settuing by using this reference.

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Relation module is better then references module.


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Relation module is way more powerful.

But if you need only node reference (and a simple field interface) I guess you should still consider references.


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i had some serious issues with the latest relation release and wound up going with entity reference - it is very powerful, and relation is a bit of overkill for what i'm after (it creates entities for the actual relationships too, which is useful but not really needed on my site) - it looks awesome though.

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The Realname module might be a quick fix for you:


This just replaces the username with a token based pattern that you select. For example, I added the fields "Full Name" and "Designation" to my users (at admin/config/people/accounts) content type/profile. Then, I configured Realname to show "Full Name (Designation)." So now, intead of "username1" it displays as "John Smith (President)" in any user reference field on my site as well as in any view/author info/etc etc.

This might be too simple a solution (since it doesn't use relation or references) but I thought I'd throw it out there.

PS I totally thought the original was written in 2012, not 2011. Oh well!

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I'm looking to do the same thing. Have you found a solution?

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Hi, There is a module entity reference. This certainly will help you.

This works for both node and user references.

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I just started using theenitity reference module and it looks very interesting