I think we should pick a percentage like 1% as line to decide if we have to add additional browser specific stuff to core.

At this moment we should support. (following the rule with the exception of IE6; see http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser_version-as-monthly-200912-201012)

- chrome 7.0 and higher
- safari 5.0 and higher
- opera 9.5 and higher
- firefox 3.0 and higer
- IE7 and higher


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Srry for my crappy english...

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That list looks good to me, but considering the upward trend of mobile, I think that we must consider support for mobile browsers using media queries.


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Yeah, but I think we only need to concentrate on the big 5 for those.

- Opera
- Iphone
- Nokia
- Blackberry
- Android

So lets say everything bigger than 10%? Maybe 5%?

Do you think about it as reorganizing the theme for it?
Or just support it, cause drupal 7 is working on my mobile browser as it is.

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Except IE, different version of browsers have very little difference. Maybe only the browser-specified-css-rules changes.

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Chrome - stable version is 14 now.
Safari - smaller than 5 is dropped everywhere, include jQuery http://docs.jquery.com/Browser_compatibility
firefox - 3.6 still not EOF, but 4.x have EOF already. stable version is 7.0

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I'd say this conversation is pretty relevant: #1217788: Drop IE7 support in Drupal core

Its worth noting that one of the key points in that discussion is that we need to think about what browser versions people will be using 18 - 36months from now, not what they are using today.

== my 2 cents

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We've got a handbook page for this, which needs updating based on whatever is decided in this issue. Linking it here for reference so we don't end up creating another one. :)


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Half year passed.

- Firefox 10 released. It's a ESR version. FF3.6 will be EOF in April (market sharing is less than 5% now).
- Basically, Drupal needs align to jQuery / jQuery UI (http://docs.jquery.com/Browser_compatibility)

(CSS Layout side views)
I think it only worth to test its browsers during development:
- IE8+
- Safari 5.0.x
- Firefox 10+
- Chrome Current - 1 version
- Opera Current - 1 version

A lot of Mobile Framework only supports WebKit Engine. So for mobile side, I'd say same to Safari 5 is okay.

Keeps it in mind: Drop firefox/Chrome 3,4,5,6,7..... 99.9% won't break the layouts.

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Basically, Drupal needs align to jQuery

jQuery 2.0 is dropping support for IE8 and earlier. https://twitter.com/paul_irish/status/218395508018921472

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Component:documentation» javascript
Issue tags:+coding standards

This is not really a documentation issue. I think it's really a coding standards issue about deciding which browser versions we are supporting in our JS, CSS, and markup (at which point a documentation page can be updated with that information).

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Component:javascript» base system

Most of this is about JS but there are a lot of CSS issues, as well as some form bugs (IE8-) and other kind of quirks. Moving to base system.

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Issue summary:View changes

Editing wording to be more neutral and current.

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Issue summary:View changes


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AFAIK, D8 is currently intended to support IE8+ in the sense of needing to work. However, per #1645494: Allow core themes to display single-column on IE8: do not compensate for lack of media query support, displaying a single-column layout is ok, and per #1649780: Remove first/last/odd/even classes in favor of CSS3 pseudo selectors, lack of zebra striping in admin tables is ok.

#10 is interesting. If someone wants to make a case that jQuery 2.0 is likely to be ready in time for D8 to use it, and offers enough compelling stuff, that we should drop IE8 support entirely, please do so. Same for #12: if there's a case to be made that IE8 support is hindering us, let's make that case by collecting a list of the issues.

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Core does not support IE8 anymore: #1993322: [Meta] Drop IE8 support

So, what need we do here?

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Component:base system» documentation

Looks like this issue started as a docs one, and was changed in #11 pending a final decision. #1787012-139: [policy, no patch] Write D8 JS against ECMAScript 5. Prevent errors with feature detection (drop IE8 support) has the final decision for IE8, so moving this back to docs.

At the end of the issue summary of #1787012: [policy, no patch] Write D8 JS against ECMAScript 5. Prevent errors with feature detection (drop IE8 support), I started a work in progress docs update to http://drupal.org/node/61509. Do we want to move that into this issue summary, and use this issue to refine it?

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What documentation are we updating exactly?

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I'm guessing at least http://drupal.org/node/61509 and http://drupal.org/node/367318. What else?

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Changes in past few months
- Drupal is dropped IE8 now.
- Opera Desktop moving to Chromium Blink engine.
- Opera Mobile (Chromium based) is released and support for 2.3+ ( http://my.opera.com/ODIN/blog/opera-14-for-android-is-out )

Support following browsers are good enough:
- IE9+
- Safari 5.0.x
- Firefox Current - 1 version
- Chrome Current - 1 version
- Opera Current - 1 version (Chromium based only)

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Issue summary:View changes


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Issue summary:View changes

For information in the issue #1664268: Drop some browser specific prefixes this is the list of browsers we cared for:

Target Browsers:
IE: 11, 10, 9
Firefox: 31, 30
Chrome: 37, 36
Safari: 7, 6.1
Opera: 23, 22
iOS: 7.1, 7.0
Android: 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4
IE Mobile: 10

** Notes: to maximize the support, I also ran a command includes Safari 5.1 & iOS 6 to compare the differences. Thankful, it has given same results :)

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Title:Do we support every browser (version)?» Document our browser support list
Issue tags:+CSS, +frontend

It's a bit crazy that we still haven't documented the browsers we support.

Seems like the list should be:

IE: 11, 10, 9
Firefox: Latest release, Latest Extended Support Release
Chrome: Latest release
Opera: Latest release
Safari OSX: Latest release
Safari iOS: Latest two releases (ios uptake has slowed)
Android: 4.4, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4
IE Mobile: 10

It's going to be annoying to update the numbers every time a release happens but it feels too ambiguous otherwise. If we just say "Latest release" is there any guarantee that we've actually tested it? Maybe this should be versioned in the README, so when a new browser release happens we actually test it up and then update the README.