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7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.4 05-Aug-2013 Styling for messages, form items, "more" links, and pagers missing from Zen 7.x-5.3
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 31-Jul-2013 Zen overrides default Panels and Panels Everywhere templates
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.4 29-Jul-2013 Component element and modifier delimiters don't match Drupal 8’s convention
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 29-Jul-2013 Upgrade to Zen Grids 1.4
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 29-Jul-2013 Fix skiplink behavior for Opera and Webkit browsers
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 29-Jul-2013 Height of responsive images doesn't adjust in IE8
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 29-Jul-2013 Missing ID in comment wrapper breaks node link
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.2 29-Jul-2013 Adapt html.tpl.php output to RDFa 1.1 / HTML5
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.1 16-May-2012 Content and navigation overflow parent container in fixed width layout
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.1 16-May-2012 Use of add_import_path in config.rb causes compass watch to fail
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.1 07-May-2012 Update Zen Grids to 1.2
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.1 02-May-2012 Vertical positioning of navigation is wrong/too high
7.x-5.x / 7.x-5.1 02-May-2012 Maintenance-page.tpl out-of-sync from html.tpl and page.tpl
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Remove bullets next to main menu links and secondary links
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Fix CSS syntax error in block-level vertical rhythm rule
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Add style to remove Drupal's admin toolbar when printing
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Fix ".region-footer" rule in print.css
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Fix broken $highlighted region in maintenance template
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.1 22-Dec-2011 Add new "Skip link" target to theme settings
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.2 22-Dec-2011 Prevent field styling from bleeding into node edit forms
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.2 22-Dec-2011 Add Panels layouts from Zen 6.x-2.x
7.x-3.x / 7.x-3.2 22-Dec-2011 Added Sass versions of all CSS files
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