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DrupalEasy Academy is hardcore, superior training. Intensive, engaging, inspiring guidance to build Drupal proficiency to use as a career, or in your career. We’ve built our niche training products on the performance and reputation of our consulting services as Career Training Programs and Custom and Focused Courses. We can customize our high-quality curriculum to your specific needs, and deliver our courses in person or online when and where you need it, anywhere in the world. We specialize in Workforce Investment Board outlets for career training, and library and agency staff training for organizations. We are a certified Women Owned Business in the state of Florida, pursuing our Federal WOB designation.

Drupal contributions

DrupalEasy’s contributions to the Drupal community span local, state, national, and international activities.

At the local level, DrupalEasy is a leader in organizing, sponsoring, and presenting informational and training programs at local meetups. Brevard County, (home of Kennedy Space Center) is the only place in Florida that holds bi-monthly meetups, often recruiting Drupal presenters from other parts of the state. The proportionally large local Drupal community is in part because the the dozens of students completing DrupalEasy’s “Drupal Career Starter Program” which, since 2011, has trained out-of-work information technology workers to be Drupal developers and community contributors. We are also active participants in both the #drupal-florida IRC channel as well as the Florida Drupal Users’ Group.

Statewide, DrupalEasy is an ongoing sponsor for Florida Drupal events since the first Florida DrupalCamp in 2009. Mike Anello has been one of the main organizers for Florida DrupalCamp and has mentored the South Florida community in their organization of DrupalCamp South Florida since 2011.

DrupalEasy employees and contractors have a long history of presenting sessions at various Drupal events around the world. We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge, particularly in the areas of fundamental Drupal concepts and community organization.

Additionally, Mike Anello has been an active member of the Drupal Association since 2007. He has served on the Community Cultivation Grants committee since its inception and has volunteered at various DrupalCons and Drupal Assoication webinars.

Finally, various employees and contractors of DrupalEasy are active code and documentation contributors to the Drupal project. Mike Anello is one of the co-maintainers of the Commerce UPS module and has contributed patches to various other projects. DrupalEasy training students are encouraged (required, in some cases) to make community contributions as well, usually in the form of documentation updates, issue queue triage, or testing and submitting patches.

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Career Training: The Drupal Career Starter Program is the premier comprehensive training course for those who wish to get a kickstart to a career in Drupal. We broke the funding barrier to Workforce Investment Boards for open source technology training with our highly-regarded, immersive, skill and confidence building 10-week program. This first-of-its kind course earned provisional licensure by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, was the topic of a session at the National Association of Workforce Boards Annual Conference, and a special invited presentation at the Workforce Florida annual board meeting. This course works to shorten the path to proficiency for Drupal professionals to months rather than years. The multi-modal DCSP is the only career training curriculum licensed for delivery by a state education body.

DrupalEasy Academy also offers a variety of career-focused training workshops that vary in length and level of proficiency on key Drupal topics and related technologies. We work with agencies and organizations on developing quality career training programs presented in a format and length that best supports the participants and the learning experience.

Organization Staff Training: DrupalEasy’s training offerings can also been customized to serve key Drupal user groups. With extensive experience in working with library staff, we have a full catalog of library training programs that provide key Drupal training courses customized to meet the unique needs of library staff. Our full training catalog can also be customized to address needs within education, government, media and healthcare.