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The Comment module in Drupal allows users to comment on many types of site content, as allowed by the site administrator.


When Comment module is enabled, users can post comments to discuss a forum topic, a blog post, a book page, etc. Comments behave like other user submissions. Filters, smileys and HTML that work in nodes will also work with comments if configured accordingly.

As an administrator, you can specify the default comment settings for each content type. You can specify content permissions (for example, you can specify whether anonymous users can make comments). You can also specify whether comments are allowed for a specific node. To do this:
1. navigate to structure --> content types.
2. Select the content type you'd like to edit.
3. navigate to the comments section.
4. under "default comment settings for new node" select "closed".

In Drupal 7 and later, you can also add new fields to comments.

You can also enable a Recent Comments block. For more information on enabling blocks, see Working with Blocks.

This section provides information on only a few of the many contributed modules that extend the core commenting functionality.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I had a hard time managing nodes for comments. Eventually, it worked out. You got an easy-to follow instruction on recent comment block that checkboxes and configuration page are readily available to let me customize the visibility of the block. The "add block" link is very helpful. Now I can define what a block is particularly in my website..

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Honestly it seems rather unintuitive.

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I think the drupal commenting system is really functioning greatly.
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Did i answer your question on the forums? I love to hear a reply wether or not it worked for you!
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Hi, please I need help on how to configure the comment view - it currently trims off words and shows only about 5 words, same for a long word. I have not found the settings for where to configure this view. Please note I am working on open atrium 2.53 but its all drupal too. Thanks