Mobile guide

Drupal has fantastic contributed modules and themes that make Drupal a great starting point for mobile solutions. This guide will help users to find and use those projects to build the best mobile solutions for their needs.

Front-end performance

Front-end performance is a challenge shared by all mobile solutions. This section lists strategies and tools for improving and testing

Mobile testing tools

Proxy testing

Mobile-specific website

For some projects, you may want to have a mobile web site that uses different markup and layout from the desktop site.

Native mobile application development

Drupal isn't just a web-based content management system, you can use Drupal as the back end for mobile application development.

Related mobile technologies

There are additional mobile-specific technologies that you can integrate with your Drupal site.

Responsive Design + Server-side Components (RESS)

RESS: Responsive Design + Server-side Components: RESS combines responsive layouts with server side component (not full page) optimization.

Responsive Images in Drupal 8

Note: This page could use some more information!

Responsive web design

This page lists resources for Responsive Web Design, a strategy for optimizing the display of a web site using CSS and JavaScript to respond

Web-based mobile apps

Web apps are HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript-based apps running in mobile browsers. There are two different ways of building mobile web

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