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Drupal 8 readiness

Drupal 8 is here. You can download and use it today. It’s great, but it’s not done. We believe in continuous improvement, and we’ve already started thinking about how adoption will create unique testing scenarios, and about plans for upcoming point releases.

So you can keep track of where we are on any given day, we’ll post ongoing status updates in Drupal Core Updates. Since you’re here, though, we have answers to a different question. is generously sponsored by companies like:

But what about contributed projects?

A big part of why Drupal 8 is a step forward from 7 is just how much is packed into core. Many of the most used projects are available right at installation. Views and the Multilingual set of modules are great examples of this. That means, for many small and mid-sized projects, that you may not need to wait on contrib projects at all. (Or at least don’t have to wait to get started.)

But what if your project is more complex and requires a number of contribute projects? Because there are so many API changes between 7 and 8, module, theme, and distribution maintainers have to port their projects. The initiative to port as many contrib projects as possible is underway, and has been even before D8’s release.

Track the status of contributed projects these maintainers are porting, so you can map their readiness to your project (or prospective project) cycles.

Track contrib projects

To manage the initiative, we’re using the Contrib Porting Tracker issue queue. If you notice that a project you're interested in isn’t being ported yet, please: volunteer to make (or help make) it happen. And if you do think about porting your code, check out the following resources:

How else can you help with projects?

Follow along, as we document release cycle information, the kinds of changes that are allowed during the release cycle, and how close the community is to fully translating Drupal 8.

Contributions are always welcome, and you can contribute in a lot of ways. If you'd like to contribute to core but haven't done that before, you can find help in core contribution mentoring hours. If you're an experienced contributor, participate in or review critical issues discussions to learn what needs attention, or contribute to particular initiatives on the Drupal 8 calendar.

And whether you're new or experienced, there are Drupal 8 sprints all around the world. Contributing to Drupal 8 is even better in person.

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