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United States
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Technical Team Lead US West

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Workhabit Inc, Achieve Internet, Idea Health & Fitness

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Nick has been involved with web technology for over ten years and focuses his career on building web applications with an emphasis on scalability, security and performance. Leveraging Drupal’s framework, Nick continues to be a key player in its overall growth and success. He has lead over 30 Drupal projects and continues to raise the bar when it comes to delivering quality products on time and in budget!

Outside of his role as a Technical Consultant, Nick enjoys clearing his mind 100 feet under the ocean surface, as he continues to train for his Master SCUBA Diver certifications. He believes that balance in life is a key component to success, leveraging the slow paced peacefulness of SCUBA with the fast pace love of technology. And until he can figure out how to program underwater, he will continue to enjoy both equally.


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