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Dennis is a very passionate software developer and business analyst. His main role over the past thirty years has been the “go to guy”. He has been able to resolve all issues through either education, re-engineering existing business processes, implem


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I am working the webform conditional issue queue along with the Ted Bowman, the module developer. In that capacity, I have resolved and closed some of the issues in the webform conditional issue queue. I have also re-written the webform conditional user documentation as well as the working example.

I am also working on some of issues in the entityform issue queue. In addition, I have re-writing the project page and user documentation for this module. and submitted a few patches for this module.

I've also submitted major changes, which were accepted, in the user documentation for Rung 4 and Rung 5 of the Drupal Ladder project.

I presented a session on Webform at the South Florida Drupal Camp on October 20, 2012.


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