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Contract Drupal Developer
Verified Studios

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Promet Source, Idea Den, Nortel Networks, Motorola, IV/Phase Systems, McKesson Provider Technologies (formerly known as HBO & Company)
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Music, Communications, Market Research, Distribution, Retail, Healthcare IT

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9 years 2 weeks
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I've been actively engaged with Drupal (software and community) since 2008. I started independently, building sites, contributing some patches, co-maintaining a project (http:BL), contributing new projects (Scout), and when I run across questions from others that I think I can offer some support for, I give it a shot. I became routinely active in our local user group (Nashville, TN), and contributed site-building for a Drupal Camp. In May 2011 that led to my nomination and election as president of the group, and since then I've led a team to organize other camps, while also doing my share to sponsor camps in our region and contribute to the Drupal Association. That went a long way towards helping me identify and connect with some fantastic Drupal shops to work for, and I met some great mentors along the way. I've found that the overall Drupal experience can be way more successful if you remember to plug into the community, make yourself known, and give back.

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Site builder
Project Manager
(former) President of The Nashville Drupalers
board member of Tennessee Drupal Group
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DrupalCon Austin 2014

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